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Why Criticism Hurts

       From a psychological point of view why does criticism hurts the most when it involves a preexisting existing emotionally painful condition?

       Lets say you are self-conscious about the size/shape of your nose and someone makes negative comments on its shape. It is highly likely that the comment will be hurtful.

       Would the same comment be as hurtful if it comes from another person? If the answer is "no" then why would the same critical comment not affect you coming from a different person?

Under what circumstance would criticism not be hurtful?
       Many people will consider the source and reject the comments because "An enemy said it! Who cares, he/she is a loser any ways!"

       Sometimes the times criticism may initially hurt, but after a few days you feel better as you know the person who said it was trying to provide constructive advice?

Why does criticism hurt sometimes and doesn't hurt at other times?
       Many children are shy and establish many social relationships with classmates so most classmates have a negative image of him/her.    

       The parents of most childhood friends belong to the same social/economic strata. Rejection by someone from the same social class causes an especially hurtful memory. Bad relationships with someone who the victim doesn't consider important or relevant with belong forgotten by adulthood.

       Social and economic envy may inspire individuals to cultivate associations with individuals who are perceived to belong to a social status that was unattainable as a child.

Why does criticism hurt?
       Why criticism hurt sometimes and on other occasions is doesn't affect you? When the critical comment comes from a person who belongs to a group you aspire to joint, the criticism will be more painful. The same applies if you have previously dealt with the person or organization and the experience was very negative.

       However, if a critical comment comes from a person, who previously you have associated with positive comments, it is unlikely the individual has any sinister motivates designed to cause any emotional wounds.


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