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     San Diego Figure Skating Communications was formed as a non-profit organization to host the web site Ice Skating Resources.  The goal has been to develop a web site to provide an easy to use and centralized collection of information about the sports of ice skating. Our immediate attention has been related to developing information related to figure skating, we have also provided links to other ice sports. We have included these links for families who might have children with an interest in multiple ice activities such as curling, ice hockey, and speed skating as a family recreational activity or competitive sport.

     The primary objective is to increase the amount of positive and useful technical communications between skaters, parents, coaches, and judges. It is also our desire to reach individuals who are new to the sport of figure skating assist them by answering questions our experience has demonstrated to encourage new skaters, support existing skaters, help parents avoid frustrating situations, and help spectators enjoy the experience of being in the audience viewing test, recital, shows, and competitions.

     Our site is designed to welcome skaters and non skaters of all ages and skill levels to visit our site. Please feel free to contribute your ideas, exchange your opinions, and make constructive comments about our site's content so we can share it with others. This information sharing should reduce the amount of frustration and wasted time, effort, and financial resources in pursuing endeavors that produce little gain and sometimes discourage an individual's development of their full potential on and off the ice.

    There are no fees or memberships to make use of our site. We depend on the volunteer nature of our sport to fulfill our mission of fostering a positive environment for -
  • Recreational skating members of the International Skating Institute (ISI) and/or United States Figure Skating (USFS) Basic Skating Skills skaters.
  • USFS members who are -
    • Recessional skaters interested in skating in local exhibitions and ice shows.
    • USFS skaters whose primary interest is taking tests.
    • USFS skaters interested in qualifying to enter competitions.
    • Elite USFS skaters representing the USA in international and Olympic competitions.
    • Adults interested in serving as:
      • Local club officers and board members.
      • Test and Competition Judges, Technical Specialists, Accountants, and Referees.
    The figure skating portion of the site has been organized to provide a wide collection of topics selected to interest ages from preschool to young adult and continuing throughout their entire adult life, including their retirement. The USFS annually incorporates new rules and regulations into our test and competition structure so USA skaters can train and enter international, world, and Olympic events.
    Skaters and non skaters may volunteer to assist in the operation of a local club or by becoming a sporting official - judges, accountants, and referees. These volunteers are invaluable by providing their time, energy, and expertise to assist skaters to increase their skills as recreational, test, collegiate, and adult figure skaters. Anyone with a genuine interest is welcome to participate and expand their knowledge about the following figure skating disciplines:
All materials are copy protected. 
The limited use of the materials for education purposes is allowed providing
credit is given for the source of the materials.

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