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Waltz Jump

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Waltz Jump.

The primary goal of this element is to display the ability to skate on a forward outside edge and perform a controlled half revolution in the air prior to landing on the back outside edge of the previous free leg.

The lobe before and after the waltz jump must be effortlessly performed at full speed with style and controlled edges.

  • Speed into Jump
  • Take-off Control
  • Height of Jump
  • Completion of Rotation
  • Landing Control
  • Speed Exiting Jump
  • Form and Style
  • A solid forward outside edge should precede the jump take-off.
  • Head should be up throughout the preparation, execution, and completion of the jump.
  • Hands should be held at waist level and the free leg extension should be over the tracing - not to the side.
  • The free leg should not wave around in an effort to maintain balance.
  • The take-off edge should be clean and not skidded.
  • The landing edge should not be hooked.
  • This is a free skating move, and should be skated with as much speed into the jump as the skater can control.
  • The flow should be maintained on the exit of the jump.
  • Review forward outside edge on a large circle.
  • Review executing a Bunny Hop from an outside edge take-off.
  • Introduce the concept of timing or rhythm being part of the preparation and execution of the jump.

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