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Basic Skating Skills Video Clips

Video Resources
      The list of video clips is provided to allow parents to follow the elements in the Basic Skating Bridge elements as their child participates in the Summer Workshops Programs.

      The Video Clips were found on the Web and demonstrate a variety of basic figure skating skills.  Some files have attached comments on technical points that differ from the Basic Skating Skills Bridge Program or the ISI Learn to Skate Program. 

     These clips are likely frustrate anyone who has a dial-up service as they take a while to load.  They can be accessed from either a Windows or Macintosh computer browser, but requires video playback software installed that is specific to your computer platform.

     The United State Military Academy Dept. of Physical Education (DPE) connection is very slow to load even with a cable modem. It requires both Flash and Quicktime Software to display. Free reader copies are available.

     It is our desire to produce our own video clips that will load quicker and be archived on a DVD. Our goal is to link these video clips to the workshop lesson plans developed over the past five years and are used in the summer workshops .   
         If you have comments and suggestions, please send them to
Expert Village Video Clips
DPE Video Clips
When Sitting on the ice, How to get upright
Forward Swizzles Forward Sculling (Fish)
Backward Swizzles

Backward Swizzles
Backward Sculling (Fish)
Backward Wiggles
Basic Edges
Two Foot Glide Two Foot Glide
One Foot Glide

One Foot Glide

The free leg should be behind and over the tracing, and held in a natural extension.
The free leg should NOT Be held close to the
skating leg in a tucked position!

One Foot Glide

Two Foot Dip

Shoot The Duck
Forward Stroking

Forward Stroking

The free leg should extend backwards
after the stroke - NOT to the side!
Forward Stroking
Backward Stroking

Backward Stroking

The free leg should extend forward over
the tracing after each stroke, NOT to the side!

Snowplow Stop Snowplow Stops
One Foot Snowplow Stop
T-Stop T-Stop

Hockey Stop
Two Footed Spin

A two foot spin should have both toes pointed
in with the heels apart
Two Foot Spin
Learning to Spin
Spinning Forward on One Foot One Foot Spin
Advanced Scratch Spin
Forward Crossovers

Forward Crossovers

Never step over! This error is very difficult
to unlearn and correct once learned.

Alternating Clockwise and CounterClockwise forward crossovers

Forward Crossovers counter clockwise direction

Forward Crossovers clockwise direction

Backward Stroking
Backward Crossovers

Backward Crossovers
Backward Crossovers counter clockwise direction

Backward Crossovers clockwise direction

Forward Spiral must achieve hip height or higher

Backward Spiral must achieve hip height or higher
Forward Outside 3-Turn

Forward Outside 3-Turn
Forward Outside Left 3-Turn

Forward Outside Right 3-Turn

Forward Inside Left 3-Turn

Forward Inside Right 3-Turn
Forward Inside Mohawks

As you complete the mohawk, the Free
Leg MUST continue backwards in a
normal free leg extension!  The free
leg should not be held in stag position
next to the skating foot!
Back to Forward Two Foot Turn

Back to Forward Mohawk Step

Two Foot Jump
Bunny Hop Bunny Hop
Waltz Jump Waltz Jump

Half Flip Jump

Half Lutz Jump

Split Jump

Stag Jump

Ballet Jump

Walley, Half and Full Toe Walley Jump

Toe Loop Jump

Salchow Jump

Flip Jump

Loop Jump

Lutz Jump

Axel Jump


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associations that have a web presence with information concerning team and
individual sports programs:

Sports Seminars
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Off-Ice Seminars
Enhancing Endurance Training
Enhancing Coordination
Basic Skating Skills Courses
Video Clips of Basic Skating Skills
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