Free Skating

Forward Upright Spin on One Foot

Workshop Lesson Plan




Forward Upright Spin:

The primary goal of this element is to display the ability to start from a forward outside curve and skating a 3-Turn,  hooking the edge to convert the forward momentum into rotation energy necessary to center the spin.

A centered spin requires distributing body weight on one foot.

Skater must present an elegant body position with head held up.

  • Speed into Spin
  • Control Entry into Spin
  • Centering Spin
  • Complete a minimum of 3 Rotations in Position
  • Control Spin Exit

  • The skater should be able to demonstrate they can push onto a forward outside edge and bend the skating knee to force the edge to hook.
  • Head should not look down while preparing to enter spin.
  • Hands should be at waist level with shoulders level. The free arm should stretch back matching the extension of outside foot.
  • The change of positions of the free leg and arms should not disturb the skater's ability to hook the edge and center the spin.
  • No pre rotation of the upper body should occur.
  • The ability to sustain a controlled center after the hook should be observed.
  • Upper body position must not break forward at the waist.

  • Review position of a one footed glide on a deep curve with the skating knee bent.
  • Introduce the concept of the free leg swinging wide to assist in creating a controlled hook.
  • Introduce the idea of using a bent skating knee to help center the spin.
  • Stress centering the spin with the free leg and arms extended while holding head up.
  • Emphasize the pulling in of the arms and free leg to increase the speed of the spin.