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Understanding the IJS
Judging System

       SKATING magazine, the official publication of U.S. Figure Skating, published a five-article series explaining the International Judging System (IJS) used for figure skating events.

    In case you missed it, links to PDF files are provided.

Making Sense of It All: International Judging System, A Numbers Game” Oct 2009,
Part 1 Part 2

Understanding IJS: Element Identification Primary Role of Technical Panel“ Nov 2009, Part 1 Part 2

Understanding IJS: Measuring Success Comes Down To Execution“ Dec 2009,
Part 1 Part 2

Understanding IJS: Artistic Ability Plays Major Role in Overall Scoring” Jan 2010,
Part 1 Part 2

Understanding IJS: Pairs, Ice Dancing Offer Additional Elements for Judges to Call“ Feb 2010, Part 1 Part 2


The following internet links have been gleaned from personal communications
combined with information from public institutions and athletic organizations/
associations that have a web presence with information concerning team and
individual sports programs:

USFS Judging Topics
Becoming a USFS Judge
Understanding Judging System
Articles on IJS and ISU
PDF  IJS Handbook
New  Evaluation of Jumps
PDF  2011 USFS Tests Book 8/27/10
PDF  USFS Compulsory Figures Rules
MITF Discussion Topics
MITF Element Coaching & Judging Criteria
Requirements to Pass MITF
MITF Judging Criteria
Basic Skating Judging Protocols
Basic Skating Competitive Judging
Basic Skating Worksheets
Evaluation of Jumps
Critique Sheets
School Figures
Test and Elite Standards
A Positive Environment for Adult Skaters
Focus Points: Evaluating a Test Performance
Interpreting 6.0 Score Sheets

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