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The Ultimate Ice Rink

     Have you ever dreamed of winning a mega million dollar lottery?  If you did win a fortune and could afford to build your own ice skating rink, what amenities would you equipped it with?

Would you go green to protect the environment, reduce the facilities'
 carbon foot print, and conserve energy?

     The increasing power costs requires conservation measures such as insulation and efficient refrigeration equipment. Some concepts involve using the off peak hours to run the refrigeration equipment at full power to supper chill the coolant and store it for use during the daytime peak hours of electric usage. Some other ideas include the green generation of power on site such as photovoltaic panels.

How would you market such a facility?

      Broadening the client base to include multiple ice activities and related services would help to maximize public and private participation necessary to generate revenues over a 24 hour hour, 7 day a week, 52 week per year operating basis.

      Providing support training facilities for weight training, body conditioning, flexibility, and agility has a broad interest in the community besides the basic contingency of skaters who patronize the skating facility.

     Many families include members who have interests besides skating. These include gymnastics, swimming, handball/squash courts, plus dance - ballroom, modern, hip hop, and ballet.

A Rink Organization Committee
The process of developing a plan to construct a rink funded with public funding starts with forming a planning committee.

SKATING AROUND SUCCESS: New rink committee revisits an old ...
Jan. 13, 2007 ... The privately organized ice rink committee, a mix of new recruits and old hands .... offered city committee status to the group, so that members can draw on ... The city does not want to own an arena, Tucker said,
World Class Skating Training Centers

    A figure skating training center usually have at least two to three sheets of ice, elite skating coaches, top skaters, off-ice training, and special programs geared towards creating skating champions.

    The programs at skating training centers are designed to meet the needs of first time skating competitors, intermediate and advanced skaters, and national, world, and Olympic ice skating champions. There generally are weight training, fitness, and conditioning rooms, plus ballet, modern and ballroom dance studios for figure skaters.

    Elite skaters are drawn to facilities where they can experience comprehensive training in one place. Prominent and famous ice skating coaches also are necessary to attract and retain skaters to the facility. The desire to training at the facility usually start with attending important skating events or competitions at the skating venue.

    Examples of the more famous skating training centers in the world include the Colorado Springs World Arena Ice Hall, University of Delaware's Ice Skating Science Development Center, the International Skating Center of Connecticut, and Lake Placid International Training Center in Lake Placid, New York.

    These ice skating training centers have as their primary focus, the experienced athlete. The ice time for figure skaters is scheduled to allow freestyle,  ice dancing, and pair skating practice sessions arranged by the skill levels of the the skaters.  Jump harnesses, video and/or Dartfish stop motion videography is usually available. Power skating classes and off-ice conditioning classes are offered. Other activities include specialty ice skating classes, programs, seminars, or figure skating workshops.

National Hockey Center - St. Cloud State University
Dec. 14, 2009 ... The National Hockey Center, which is located on the south end of the SCSU ... and fitness center and the National Hockey Center Athletic Training.


Mid-America Speed Skating - Links
It is one of the few indoor 400 meter speed skating ovals in the world and is the official training center of the US Olympic Speed Skating Team.
  • John Rose Minnesota Oval - Roseville, MN
    The John Rose MN Oval is the largest outdoor skating facility in the world, featuring an 110,000 square foot slab of concrete used for ice skating in the winter and in-line skating in the summer and has hosted events such as World Cup Speed Skating, World and National Bandy Championships, and Aggressive Skating and Biking competitions.  No web site found for the John Rose Speed Skating Oval.
  • Pettit National Ice Center - Milwaukee, WI
    The 400 meter ice oval glistens in the enormous arena. It surrounds not one, but two international sized rinks. It is one of the few indoor 400 meter speed skating ovals in the world and is the official training center of the US Olympic Speed Skating Team.
  • United States High Altitude Sports Center - Butte, MT  an outdoor speed skating rink (no web site found)
  • Utah Olympic Oval - Salt Lake City  The Utah Olympic Oval is home to the "The Fastest Ice on Earth", and our learn to speed skate classes are designed to take you to speeds you never dreamed! Our classes are open to any age and are best suited for those individuals who have basic skating skills. (Having passed Basic 2 in our Learn to Skate Program.)


  • The Ultimate Ice Skating Facility

Learn to Skate Program
Table of Contents - Basic Skills Bridge Program Handbook

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The Ultimate Ice Skating Facility
Planning a New Ice Skating Rink
Summary - Developing New Ice Skating Rinks
Executive Summary
Formulating a Rink Proposal
Feasibility Study
Business Financial Structures
Rink Feasibility Study
Facility Design Issues
Facilities Concerned with Design
Design Principles
Ice Skating Rink Business
PDF  When Bigger is Better
PDF  How An Ice Arena Works

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