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Ice Skating can be a club activity/sport in high school
       The goal of a high school figure skating team is to provide a vehicle so enrolled students may participate in the sport of figure skating as an extra-curricular "club" activity and possibly letter in a junior varsity or varsity school sport.

       Traditionally an approved high school club requires a member of the school faculty to sponsor the club dealing with subjects/topics such as Debate, Chess, Language (Spanish, Russian, French, Chinese, etc.), 4-H, Irish Dancing, Yearbook, Student Newspaper, Student Radio/TV Studio, and other activities.

Note: While most school clubs usually do not have any affiliation with off campus groups and organizations, the high School Figure Skating Club is a concept sponsored and promoted by the USFS Program Development Committee.

School clubs may charge dues to support their activities. The school faculty advisor
is an unpaid volunteer. The scope of the club's activities must be approved and are monitored by the school administration. Club charters can be revoked for conduct/activities deemed to be outside the scope of the club's application for approval.

The use of a meeting room is provided without charge if the meeting occurs during the regular school operating hours. Depending on school policy, meetings and practices that are held outside normal hours may have a fee charged to cover overtime for a custodian.

       Athletes must meet the academic grade requirements established by the school district. The minimum grade point average per/marking period quarter is usually 1.66. Skaters must submit copies of report cards after each quarter to the skating team coach.     

       Everyone attempting to secure a position on a sports team must have an annual physical before participating in tryouts. The completed and signed physical form must be turned in to the coach or athletic office.

       High school varsity and junior varsity sports typically define the start of the sport's practice season and prevents a coach from organizing supplemental training seasons during the official season, as well as after the end of the official season.  There are also recruiting violations related to encouraging athletes to transfer to a new school so they may play on a sports team.

       School club or recreational programs generally do not require a physical exam; however, it is highly recommend for any sporting related activities, especially those that are described as "physical contact sports."

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