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Joint Statement of Cooperation

     A mutally shared goal of both organizations is to promote the sport of figure skating.  An important way is to encourage young developing figure skaters to compete in their region as this keeps the expenses relatively low by reducing the transportation cost and the need for multiple nights of lodging. 

     Encouraging ISI and USFS Basic Skill skaters to enter both competitions is provided under the joint statement of cooperation.

Joint Statement of Cooperation was issued
June 29, 2004
    The U.S. Figure Skating, the Professional Skaters Association (PSA) and the Ice Skating Institute (ISI) recognize and support each other’s role in the development of figure and recreational skating in the United States.

    U.S. Figure Skating is the national governing body for the sport of figure skating in the United States and is so recognized by the International Skating Union (ISU) and the United States Olympic Committee (USOC).

    The Professional Skaters Association is the organization of teaching and performing skating professionals, which provides and promotes the education and certification of figure skating coaches. U.S. Figure Skating recognizes the PSA as the official coaches education, certification and training program.

    The Ice Skating Institute is the organization of ice rink owners, operators, instructors, participants, builders and suppliers which supports the development and operation of ice rinks and provides and promotes recreational ice skating programs in the United States.

    Each organization agrees to cooperate with the others to further the growth and success of the ice skating industry, nurture the figure and recreational skating communities and promote and encourage the fulfillment of the responsibilities of each organization.

    U.S. Figure Skating further agrees that the participation of U.S. Figure Skating members in ISI endorsed recreational skating activities, such as recitals, shows and exhibitions, tests and competitions, endorsed by the ISI is hereby permitted without violating the rules of U.S. Figure Skating, provided that such activities -
(1) are conducted by ISI member rinks, clubs or skating schools in their normal course of business;
(2) are not conducted by or for the benefit of a third party that exceeds the spirit of this Statement of
(3) do not include the participation of U.S. Figure Skating member skaters who are or have been
      active U.S. Championship competitors at or above the Novice level within the past two years
      unless participation has been permitted as described below; and
(4) are not intended for television or internet broadcast or re-broadcast.

    This paragraph represents a grant of special permission from U.S. Figure Skating, in the spirit of cooperation with the ISI, to allow its members to participate in ISI endorsed recreational skating activities
without the need for a separate U.S. Figure Skating sanction. However, ISI endorsed activities exceeding the scope of this paragraph are not covered in this grant of special permission; therefore, U.S. Figure Skating members participating in such activities shall be in violation of the rules and policies of U.S. Figure Skating unless U.S. Figure Skating approval by way of sanction, ESCA (Eligible Skater
Compensation Agreement) or special permission is obtained.

    The ISI further agrees that the participation of skaters registered with the ISI in activities sponsored by U.S. Figure Skating shall not be deemed to be a violation of the rules of the ISI.

    U.S. Figure Skating, PSA and the ISI acknowledge the developing relationship between the three associations working together for the growth and betterment of ice skating now and in the future.

 source USFS 2011 Rulebook

    The conversion table is provide to simplify the process of identifying the proper event that a skater is qualified to enter/

USFS Conversion Chart
Status of skater
ISI Level
Basic Skills Level
Never Skated
Basic 1
Skated in group classes Pre-Alpha Basic 2
New to Alpha Alpha Basic 3
Been in Alpha Before Alpha Basic 4

Basic 5

Basic 6

Basic 7

Freestyle 1
Basic 8

Freestyle 2 Free Skate 1

Freestyle 3 Free Skate 2

Freestyle 4 Free Skate 3

Freestyle 5 Free Skate 4

Freestyle 6 Free Skate 5 or 6

Status of skater
ISI Level
Basic Skills Level
Never Skated Beginner
Hockey 1
Skated in group classes Beginner Hockey 2

Hockey 3

Hockey 4

Basic Skating Skills School students (Snow Plow Sam through Freeskate 6, and Hockey
1 through 4), must be current members of the USFS Basic Skills Program. The cost of the membership is $10.00 per year, for the period of September 1 through August 30.  Member-
ship includes USFS Records Book, Skating Magazine, Liability Insurance, and Badges.  Membership fees are not prorated. Additional ice fees are charged for the group lessons
and will vary according to your geographic region.

Skaters must be registered members of BOTH organizations.  Competition host clubs usually attach an application form for skaters who lack a registration number in both organizations.

ISI and Basic Skills Programs


ISI Individual Memberships packages

Ice Skating Institute Members of other organizations are eligible and welcome to compete in ISI competitions.

ISI or USFSAThe USFSA emphasizes programming for the competitive skater, and provides the sanctioned path to World and Olympic competition. The Ice Skating Institute (ISI) emphasizes recreational activities and competitions.

ISI Test and Competition Revisions 2010


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Information is an
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Comments and suggestions are welcomed so a balance of different perspectives can be achieved. Input from coaches and judges will help to achieve a consensus. We hope our efforts will result in skaters who are well prepared to test and receive a uniform evaluation by judges from rink to rink.

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