General Skating

Back Two Foot Straight Line Glides

Workshop Lesson Plan




Back Two Foot Glides in a straight line.

The primary goal of this element is to display the ability to balance backwards in a straight line. 

The skater should demonstrate elegant body and arm positions.

  • Generate Speed/Power
  • Maintain Balance throughout pushes
  • Push in a Even Tempo
  • Maintain Good Posture/Form in Back Glide
  • Using back scooter pushes to generate power, glide backwards in straight line.
  • The body should be in a natural position and not bending forward at waist.
  • An ability to hold a sustained glide should be observed.
  • Head should be up, with a nice arch to back.
  • Hands should be held out to the side at waist level.
  • Gradually straighten the skating knee to glide on both feet with weight evenly distributed.

  • Practice two foot gliding backwards in counterclockwise and clockwise directions.
  • Teach extension using the barrier – emphasize upper body posture.
  • Review back scooter pushes.
  • Push backward, glide, and balance.  Push and repeat.  Gradually add more initial back scooter pushes to gain speed prior to gliding.