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Predicting Future Events
    Few parent or coaches can predict with precision what of 5 year old children may ultimately be doing when they graduate from high school.  Will they be going off to college, entering the military, engaged to be married, etc. or possibly be training to be a world class athlete?

    Young children may say they want to be a fireman one day and sports star the next day. It is great that they have these dreams and most parents encourage their children rather than attempt to explain why their dream may be impractical because the competition is so keen and involves years of training.

     Many parents expose kids to a variety of opportunities in sports, music, arts, etc. and provide support and encouragement. Some parents encourage their sons and daughter to pursue activities and interests that they have participated in as a youngster or that they may be actively pursuing as an adult.

    It makes no sense for most children to exclusively participate in or specialize in one sport at a very early age. Acquiring the basic fundamental skating skills is not a waste of time, effort, and money as these skills are transferable if and when your son or daughter decides to concentrate as a hockey, speed, or figure skater.

    The following articles provide a variety of topics that may be helpful in answering questions of parents who have little or no previous experience actively participating in winter sports.

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