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Stage 6: Training to Compete

     The stage of training to enter competitions may vary according to many factors other than a chronological age. Atheletes reach and are able to maintain their optimum performance at different ages

Chronological age:
• Males 18-21 +/-
• Females 17-21 +/-

• To optimize event specific preparation for competition
• To refine event area specialization
• To continue with integration of physical, mental, cognitive & emotional development
• To conduct event-specific testing and monitoring

    Within this Stage all types of periodization are used (single, double, and multiple) and event-specific motor skills are refined. All physical capabilities continue to be developed along with the advancement of mental preparation to deal with the stress of high-level competitions. 

    Competition modeling and mental preparation are optimized (at the national and international competitive level), as are all ancillary  capacities. 

   The number of athletics training sessions per week rise to 6-15 as participation in other sport activities ceases. The practice to competition ratio is still 90/10 however the length of the athletics season is year-round with a traditional 1-month transition, or rest period.

   The number of competitions is similar to those in Stage 5.  It is critical, at this stage, that the Performance Enhancement Team is now integrated and implemented in preparation for performance at the national or international level. 

   Lifestyle education is strictly athlete-directed, and the athlete might loosely begin to think of him/herself as a “full-time athlete” in preparation for Stage 7.


Training Considerations


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Developing A Training Plan

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