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Tips for Skaters and Parents

This discussion is geared for parents of new ice skaters.
       It is important for parents to learn how to balance the skating in your child's life with school and other family obligations. It is vital that parents provide a nurturing environment that also is positive and supportive for each sibling. It should be obvious that children receive the recommend uninterrupted sleep on a regular schedule. Every family member should participate in a well balanced, nutritious menu that only allows healthy snacks and drinks. Understand the importance of assisting your child in developing their self confidence.

       A short list of tips includes the following:
  • Every parent should encourage their child to master the basic skating skills.  Just being proficient to pass a test with the minimum skills is just "kicking the can" down the road by postponing their skill development. Mean while bad habits become a major problem that requires additional time and expense in the future to correct basic errors that never should have been acquired in the first place.

  • It is highly recommended that the child prepare their choice of clothing for school the night before. Baths or showers should occur the night before not at 5:00 a.m. when time is of the essences while preparing to leave for an early morning practice session/lesson at the ice rink.  Allow enough time for food and off-ice exercising. The skater should never dash into the rink with their skates on and dash out onto the ice with their muscles being stiff and properly warmed up.

  • Parents, or an authorized adult, should always be present when the skater is practicing so in the event of an injury, the necessary health care decisions can be immediately taken.

  • Parents should not devote their time exclusively to work related problems on their computer of cell phone.  When your child has a lesson - watch the lesson and prepare a list of questions that you can ask the coach in person or by email/texting.

  • The ideas and suggestions have been gathered from individuals who wish they had been aware of the following when their child started skating:

  • If the rink does not have a coffee shop/food service facility, bring a thermos of hot coffee and hot chocolate, plus nutritious snacks.

  • Bring a change of clothing for school. Allow time to change and store the skates properly. The parent may perform the drying of the skate blades and properly storing them for transit while the child is changing their clothes.  Don't allow sweaty outfits, tights, socks, etc. to be stuffed in a bag and forgotten until the next time they are  need.  Make sure these items are washed after each use and have different outfits that can be used day so the outfits can be laundered, if possible, on a non skating day.

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