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The System of Learning

Objective and Systematic Learning Ensures Professional Teaching Quality
       Every physical education teacher and sports coach experiences a wide range of potential athletes whose processing speeds and physical skills pose challenges of how to provide an equitable opportunity for all participants.

      There are both external and internal barriers to learning and teaching that interfere with teachers and coaches from achieving their mission.

      To meet the challenges for communicating with the totality of the students who wish to learn, we must
must design and implement learning support systems that are comprehensive, multifaceted, and effective.
      These learning support systems must address the barriers to learning and teaching and ensure that each individual is fully engaged in process of learning. Such a system must have a special emphasis on intrinsic motivation theory and practices.

      In order to meet the goal of all children reaching level of learning proficiency, the system of learning
must involve a support system that continues after the instructional process and is fully integrated with instruction.

      Developing a comprehensive system that supports learning requires bringing together the resources of school, home, and community to provide an operational infrastructure that is full engaged in assuring the financial and emotional support that comprises a positive learning environment.
        A comprehensive system of learning supports requires moving beyond the current approach that marginalizes learning supports; it primarily emphasizes two components – instruction and management. The new approach expands school improvement policy to add a third primary component focused on addressing barriers to learning and teaching. In doing so, it provides for guidelines that delineate:
  • A unifying umbrella policy concept,
  • A comprehensive systemic intervention framework, comprehensive system of learning supports and ensuring that it is a full partner in school improvement planning and decision making
  • An expanded school improvement accountability framework
  • Support and guidance for systemic change and implementation
       An enabling/learning prototype needs to be established that optimizes the support component. These prototype must combine an integrated and systemic continuum of interventions and a multifaceted and cohesive set of content arenas - home, school, and sports. The concept envisions a system of class- room and community-wide learning. Such a component has two facets:
  • Addressing interfering factors and (re-engaging students in learning.
  • The emphasis on engagement recognizes that polices to prevent student disengagement must be implemented and sufficient to sustain student involvement, encourage community involvement, good positive social behavior, and supportive of effective learning at school, home, and when participating in sports.
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The System of Learning
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