Free Skating Test Requirements

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 Free Skating Test Elements    
    The standard free skate test structure is divided into eight levels to be taken in order from Pre-Pre to Senior:
  • Pre-Preliminary
  • Preliminary
  • Pre-Juvenile
  • Juvenile
  • Intermediate
  • Novice
  • Junior
  • Senior
Pre-Preliminary through Senior Free Skating Test Elements

     Prior to taking a standard free skate test, the test candidate must have taken and passed the same level of the standard Moves in the Field test.  Skaters may pass as many levels of the standard Moves in the Field test (up through and including Senior) without taking any Free Skating Test. The Free Skating test level will be used to determine the competitive free skating event the skater may enter.

     Skaters need to be aware that required test elements differ from the minimum requirements for competition events.

    Skaters must know and understand the nuances of the required elements when a decision is made to incorporate competitive elements into the choreography of their free skating test program.

    There are strategies that involve what optional jump and spin elements will pass in a test. When attempting to exceed the requirements, a skater risks a fall that is difficult to recover from and the skater fails to satisfactorily accomplish the mandatory test elements.

    The program requirements specify what type of jumps and spins are are required to pass a test. A double Lutz is more difficult than a double flip, but skaters are not allowed to substitute one for the other when a specific jump is required.

    Individual jumps must be performed as individual jumps and will not receive credit because they were performed as a part of a combination or sequence.

    Many skaters wait until later in the season to test and then they risk confusion when they test because the free skating program they have been practicing the most has been choreographed with much more demanding elements for competition. Only 2 elements that have been poorly performed or not attempted may be reskated.

    The problem with Flip and Lutz jumps is that they have a greater chance of being downgraded because of the wrong edge and/or under rotation.

    There is no automatic penalty in free skating tests for falling, but judges will factor into their final mark if a skater puts a hand or foot down and fails to complete the full number of revolutions of a jump or spin.

 Free Skating
Competition Requirements

     The Preliminary through Senior competition events require free skating programs to be skated - each with separate rules, restrictions, and requirements.

     Once you pass a test for a specific level you cannot compete below that level. The important thing to understand is that the test for a level is usually much easier that the rules for competition allow while competitive skaters that consistently win are able to perform multi revolution jumps.

     You can always skate up a level in most "Open" nonqualifing competitions, but you can never skate down a level. Your coach should be able to guide you with this decision.

     You should plan to test on a regular schedule even if you are not going to compete!  Completing all the elements in MITF and Free Skating tests is difficult. If you pass all the levels you will be recognized for your accomplishment with a gold medal.

     Some skaters will complete the test track for multiple disciplines in figure skating, freestyle, dance, and moves. Achieving triple gold medals is a significant achievement that makes an excellent addition to your resume for a college or job application.


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