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Technical Jump Requirements

        The ISU has established a base value for all single and multi-revolution jumps except the walley jump which is considered as a connecting move, not as a jump element. The list includes the following ISU recognized competition jumps:
        The takeoff of these jumps are classified as either edge or toe assisted:

           Edge Jump Lessons   
Toe Assisted Jump Lessons

Edge Jumps   
      The Axel is the only forward takeoff, all other jumps start backwards with a toe assist or only on an outside or inside edge.

      All of the full revolution jumps are landed backwards on an outside edge. Counter-Clockwise skaters will land on their RBO edge.  Clockwise skaters will land on their LBO edge. Two footed landings are not considered a completed jump and deductions are taken,

      In the air, the skater must transfer their rotation from around the takeoff foot to the landing foot in the Axel and Salchow.

      The takeoff  of a Loop jump starts and lands on the same foot. No change or rotation foot is required.

Toe Assisted Jumps
      The Toe-Loop, Flip, and Lutz have a toe assisted takeoff that requires the skater to rotate in the air around the landing foot. A frequent error in the Toe-Loop jump is for developing skaters to rotate off the tapping foot. This changes the takeoff to the tapping foot rather then a coordinated spring from a back outside edge with a toe assisted takeoff. 

Common errors:
      The speed into all jumps should be continued on the exiting edge. A loss of speed is a minor error.
      The curvature (arc) of the takeoff edge should be continued with the exiting edge. A hooked landing can rang from a minor to major error depending on the degree of the hook.

      Landing sideways or landing on the toe allowing a pivoting motion on the ice should be recognized as failure to complete the jump's rotation in the air and is a major error. Any jump short of a half or more rotation will result in the core value of the jump being reduced one level.

      The skater's core body landing position should be erect. If the skater bends forward at the waist, a judge will lower the base mark of the jump depending on the angle of the bend.

      The free leg of the skater should not be extending sideways on the landing. A swing curve of the free leg may occur even if the skater remains upright and warrants a minor deduction.

      If the skater is off balance (wobbling rotation in the air) they frequently will perform an unplanned small half or full "hop" on the landing warrants a deduction.

      Touching down with one hand or a free leg warrants a deduction, the deduction depends on how egregious the judge considers the error. Incidental touchdowns are consider minor while a touchdown to save the skater from falling is a major error.       

Information is an important tool that provides a basis for the articles being developed.
The goal is to help facilitate communications between judges and coaches that provides

the technical descriptions  coaches use in their teaching and for judges the basis they
use to arrive at the minimum standard for passing each level of tests.

Comments and suggestions are welcomed so a balance of different perspectives can be
achieved. Input from coaches and judges will help to achieve a consensus. We hope our
will result in skaters who are well prepared to test and receive a uniform evaluation
by judges from rink to rink.

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