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Synchronized Team Skating

       The goal of this workshop is to provide skaters with an introduction to the skills required to be a member of a Synchronized Skating Team.

       Both the Ice Skating Institute and the USFS Basic Skating Skills have badge and competitive events for beginning skaters who have not passed any USFS standard MITF, Free Skating, dance, or pair tests. Both programs encourage participation to have fun while learning about what it takes to become a member of a synchronized skating team.

       The ability to perform together in unison requires a strong background in the fundamental skills of skating on edges, performing turns and steps with full body control, and a combination of stamina and an ability to consistently perform in exhibition and competitive situations.

       In any year, the number of skaters who may be interested in skating on a team may vary. A sure way of continuing a supply of new skaters to a figure skating club is through the ISI or Basic Skating Skills "Learning to Skate" group class program of badges and competitions. Essentally these programs are designed to provide a fun experience through a positive environment.

       Both of these programs have programs to introduce beginning skaters to the sychronized skating experience. Skaters who continu to expand their individual skating skills can progress up through the introductory series of group classes in synchronized skating. They should also be enrolled in group classes designed to enhanc their essential skills that are the founation for all of the advanced skills required to participate in singles, pair, dance, synchro, Showcase, and Theater on Ice events.

      At sometime in their progress, parents and skaters will consider taking private lessons and entering comptitions. Eventually there is a fork in the road where a decision must be made to transition to a full membership in the United State Figure Skating Association and taking tests to qualify a skater to compete in regional, sectional, and national championships in one of the many figure skating disciplines.

ISI, Basic Skating, and USFS Synchronized Skating Team Tryouts.
      It is essential that skaters must tryout so the Synchro coaches can evaluate the existing level of skating skills and determine the potential to perform complex team elements in unison. An important asset is "How quickly each individual learns the steps to a synchro routine".

      Teams hold tryouts at the start of each spring at the start of a new season to form teams for as many different levels of competitive synchro teams as they have qualified skaters to put on the ice.  In some clubs there might be quite a range of skaters of different ages as well as a range of heights, body shapes, levels of technical skating skills, and an appitude for performing in front of an audience.

       Not every skater will initially be rated high in all essential aspects the are necessary to have so the final amalgamation of individual strengths that can be molded into a unified group of skaters who think and react as single unit.    

      Over a period of time, the teams develop the abilities that are necessary to perform the required elements as part of inventive choreography that flow from one to another elements that include circles, lines and blocks formations.

     It helps parents and skaters to become familiar with the following information:

Synchronized Team Skating Curriculum

PDF Synchronized Skating Required Elements

14 different Synchronized Team Skating levels

Competitive Levels of Synchronized Team Skating

Synchronized Skating Bridge Program
Synchronized Skating Basic Skills Q & A
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Principles of Training Athletes:

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