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Synchronized Skating Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions by Parents

Q: Do all skaters need to be members of U.S. Figure Skating to participate?
A: Skaters may be either regular members, or members of the U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills

Q: What if our rink doesn't have a U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills program?
A: You may start one by registering your team or program (group of teams) as a Basic Skills
      synchronized team skating school.

      It is free to register the program, and you can get a form from U.S. Figure Skating Headquarters.
      List the head coach as the "Skating Director".

      Once you do this, you may register each skater into the Basic Skills program for $7.50 per
      skater/year. The team(s) will then represent this school at competitions.

Q: Can we change levels or move up during the year?
A: YES! Teams can change levels at any point during the season. In fact, the beginner requirements
      were specifically designed to allow a team to move up to preliminary, pre-juvenile or open juvenile
      during the season and still skate the same program! The beginner level teaches the skaters the
      foundation of skills they need to compete at higher competitive levels. Teams are encouraged to   
      move up when they are ready.

Q: Do we have to do all 3 beginner levels?
A: NO! The levels are divided by age - the skill is the very similar. The beginner team should enter the
     level where their age puts them. While a Beginner 1 team may want to move to Beginner 2 before
     jumping to the U.S. Figure Skating standard levels, it is not required. Coaches should determine the
     team's progression based on their ability and goals.

Q: Do teams have to register with U.S. Figure Skating?
A: Yes.  You fill out a Synchronized Team Registration form in the fall and get a USFSA # which
     you will need for competitions throughout the season. This will cost S10 / year, and you will then
     be included in all information that goes out to teams during the season.

Q: Why the Beginner program instead of other lower level synchronized team skating programs?
A: The U.S. Figure Skating beginner program is the only program to give coaches specific structure
      and rules to follow-making the playing field completely fair and making it simple for the coach to
      choreograph a technically sound program. 

          Synchronized Skating requirements have been specifically designed to give beginner skaters the
          skills they need to make a simple, seamless and successful transition into standard U.S. Figure
          Skating (USFS) synchronized competitive event levels.


PDF  Synchronized Skating in College A Fact Sheet for High School Students

PDF Collegiate Fact Sheet - The Skating Club of New York Programs. Graduating from high school does not end participation as a member of synchronized skating teams. The college years provides an opportunity to interact with students from varying nations.

PDF 2010-11 US Figure Skating Fact Sheet - School affiliated clubs, individual members, Friends of Figure Skating and Basic Skills ... clubs, collegiate clubs and school- affiliated clubs, and .... Synchronized skating is a highly technical form of team skating ... Collegiate synchro competition open solely to full time college students . ... themselves in figure skating and high school academics.

PDF Synchronized Skating Fact Sheet - US Figure Skating   Feb. 15, 2008 ... Synchronized skating is a growing discipline of figure skating ... colleges (Bowling Green State University, .... comprised of older high school students,

Collegiate Program - Welcome to US Figure Skating 2012-13 Collegiate Skating Fact Sheet (PDF) ... Collegiate Figure Skating Championships, intercollegiate skating and collegiate synchronized skating, and ... Graduating high school does not have to mean graduating from figure skating. Once enrolled in college as a full-time student, U.S. Figure Skating offers athletes many options.


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