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Synchronized Skating 2 Lesson Plan
Teaching Tips
Circle: Containing a transition from forward to backward skating.
Team will be able to make a round circle and complete 360° in each direction.
Control of rotation

Start with stationary circle.

Explain the hold and how to keep their position in relation to the other skaters and where to look.

Begin rotation with pumps.

Remind skaters to start with a stationary circle and make sure they keep the rotation slow.

Repeat in opposite direction.

Line: Forward skating, with at least one forward crossover R over L and one L over R.
Team will be able lo maintain a line and incorporate crossover skill from Basic 4.

Synchro 1,
Review Synchro 1 line.

Explain/demonstrate the sequence of steps.

Have skaters walk through sequence of steps individually so they all know what to do and where to go.

Have skaters put it all together.

Block. Forward skating with a change of axis.
Team should be able to skate ten forward steps while maintaining block formation.
Synchro 1
Review Synchro 1 block.

Go over first half of block. Have skaters stop and know their place in the block.

Explain how to maintain space and connect to a new line. Individually go through and show them which person they will hook up to.

Have skaters hook up in new line until they fully understand who to hook up to after making the transition.

Have skaters do two steps prior to change of hold/direction and have them walk through the steps before they try it at full speed.

Wheel: Four spoke or two spoke with backward skating (seven or less skaters: two spoke, eight or more skaters: four spoke).
Team should be able to do two rotations in a wheel formation while maintaining shape and control (reference Synchro 1).

They should have more speed.

Maintain Shapes & Control of Rotation while incorporating more Skills and Speed.
Review Synchro 1.

Have team do the wheel with three pumps followed by two crossovers.

Have skaters change places and practice different positions. Remind skaters to guide to center.
Intersection: One line forward.

Team will create two straight lines facing each other that will intersect.

Awareness of Other Skaters, Line Formation, Unison
Review line techniques.

Line skaters up in stationary position facing each other.

Have skaters walk through their empty spot until they have a good understanding where they will need to intersect.

Dictate the steps and when to let go and reconnect. Have skaters practice this on their own.

Have skaters practice this gaining speed each time until they are comfortable intersecting at full speed.

Transition: A wheel and circle.
Team must demonstrate a concept of element and they must make smooth transition.
Control of Rotation, Posture, Awareness of Others, Anticipation
Review wheel and circle that will be used.

Decide what position skaters will move into.

Have skaters practice element stationary (demonstrate walk through and new spot transition.)

Have skaters practice smooth transition stationary.

Rotate wheel slowly with a few pumps. Transition to circle with a few pumps .

Have skaters practice complete element with competent speed.


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