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Synchronized Skating 1 Lesson Plan
Teaching Tips
Circle Forward pumps clockwise and counter clockwise.
Team will be able to make a round circle and complete 360° in each direction.
Control of rotation

Start with stationary circle.

Explain the hold and how to keep their position in relation to the other skaters and where to look.

Begin rotation with pumps.

Remind skaters to start with a stationary circle and make sure they keep the rotation slow.

Repeat in opposite direction.

Line: Forward skating, covering the length of ice, followed by a snowplow stop.
Team will be able to skate across the ice in a relatively straight line.

Alignment, control of speed in relation to other skaters
Have skaters form a stationary line.

Explain the hold and how lo keep their place in line as well as how to keep lines straight by guiding.

Have skaters move forward using correct use of the blade.

Dictate the number of forward strokes followed by a snowplow stop.

Block: Shoulder hold, forward skating, ten steps in a simple block formation, followed by a snowplow stop.
Team should be able to skate ten forward steps while maintaining block formation.
Maintaining spacing & formation in block while doing forward stroking
Review concepts of a line.

Break line in half and have the team skate one line in front of another,

Have the team then take turns being in front and in back lo understand positioning.

Have skaters skate in three lines in a true block formation.

Wheel: Two spoke or four spoke with back pumps (seven or fewer skaters: two spoke eight or more skaters; four spoke).
Team should be able to do two rotations in a wheel formation while maintaining shape and control.
Posture, control of rotation, understanding of role in executing the element
Put skaters in stationary wheel formation.

Explain how wheel is going to rotate.

Explain each position's role (center goes slow and holds wheel in place while the ends go faster.

Explain the hold and line alignment.

Have team rotate with three to five pumps.

Have skaters change places and practice different positions. Remind skaters to guide to center.

Shoulder to shoulder,
hand to hand.

Team needs to understand the hold positions

Correct arm/hand positions


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