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Summer Training Workshops

Enhanced Summer Training Opportunities
      Ideally student athletes can use their summer vacation to advance their performance and technical skills by taking on and off ice training including:
  • Core body strength 
  • Flexibility and stretching
  • Developing endurance and stamina
  • Artistic expression/musical interpretation
  • Choreography
  • Core Body movements
  • Symmetry of Skating Figures
  • Ballet, interpretive dance, modern dance, ballroom dance
  • Off ice pair lifts
  • Off ice dance lifts
  • Theory of jumping
  • Theory of spinning
      The summer allows time for coaches to set new programs for the Theater On Ice, Synchronized Skating, showcase, and artistic events.  This is a classic time to enhance individual skating and performance skills in anticipation of tryouts for teams and preparing to enter qualifying free skating, pairs, and dance events.

      Everything depends of having a cooperative rink management that sees the value of supporting programs that encourage off-ice activities that can be offered as an opportunity to generate revenue.

     Traditionally this is an excellent time for skaters to double or even triple the amount of time they have available to increase their skills and expand their physical strengths and artistic/performing abilities.  This time is free from the stress of meeting a demanding academic workload of daily homework and preparing for tests.

Note: Over the years the school calendar of various school districts have changed.
Many districts are cutting the length of the summer vacation and starting the fall
term in late August rather than the traditional start after Labor Day. Many school
calendars have lengthen the traditional Christmas/New year holiday into a Winter
break following the Easter holiday into a Spring break.

      Generally the availability of affordable extra ice time at indoor ice rinks is more likely to become available as a result of declining hockey and public skating demand as the weather warms up. After a winter of being cooped up indoors, the opportunity to participate in outdoor sports and recreational activities beckon as warmer weather signals Park and Recreation Departments offering activities to keep all ages of their population active and involved. Parents are also pleased to have low cost, supervised activities available during the summer vacation.

Summer 07 Workshops
PDF  San Diego Ice Arena (SDIA)
PDF  Kroc Center
PDF  Warm Up Stretching, Cooling Down, and Flexibility Training

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