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The first Moves In The Field (MITF) Summer Workshop was offered in June - Augusr of 2005 at the San Diego Ice Arena. It started with a total of 105 skaters enrolled between two 40 minute sessions per week for 10 weeks over the summer school vacation. The ice was divided into four quadrants with each section having 10 to 12 skaters. The workshops covered elements of the Preliminary through Senior Moves in the Field (MITF) patterns. Refer to Summer Workshop Lesson Plans.

    The lesson plans were created by USFS judges Ruth and Claude Sweet in conjunction with PSA coaches Wendy Smith and Karen Wiesmeir. The lesson plans allowed for substitutions of instructors without any confusion as to topics being taught.  Suggestions as to how to approach teaching each element were also included in each lesson plan.

    Two sessions were held weekly. Skaters warmed up off the ice performing exercises recommended by the USFA. Each session was 40 minutes long and the ice was divided into four sections to accommodate skaters by the MITF  test level they were working on. Two MITF patterns per session were covered with one pattern on the level they were working on and one from the next higher level.  Refer to Off-Ice Conditioning    Visit National Strength & Conditioning Association web site.

   The last 10 minutes of each session was reserved to have a higher level skater demonstrate the correct technique to performing patterns selected by the coaches. Judges were invited to make observations about the exhibitions. They did not offer any judgment as to what the minimum standard might be to pass, but rather commented on the strengths and possible areas of difficulties that are commonly observed.

   Skaters who initially commented their reservations about the format of group instruction expressed very positive opinions at the end of the series. The interaction with the judges helped skaters appreciate the difficulty of the evaluation process. Even shy skaters demonstrated an aria of competitiveness with other skaters in their group. The best skating performance caused all of the skaters to increase their performance expectations to "Be the best you can !" compared to the attitude of how quickly they could develop the minimum level of skills to pass a test by the minimum marks received from two judges.

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