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Stop Caring About Image

Why do you care about what people think of you?
       Are you confident about your self image to an extent that you are willing to ignore the negative opinions of others express about your performance or behavior?

       Individuals who are confident and self assured don't care about what other people think unless their comments match their core beliefs about themselves. They routinely reject and ignore negative comments from individuals that they view are being generally non supportive. Unfortunately it is rather common for a person, who has a low self esteem of themselves, to dwell on negative comments because of the ill effects related to caring about what people think about them.  Prolonged periods of unhappiness and can have a serious negative affect on a person's self confidence.

Stopping caring about what people think
     We live in a society that values personal approval of its leaders.  People who only care about what others think are unsure of themselves and like a chameleon with say of do which they feel is expected to win the approval of different groups much as politicians attempt to secure votes to win elections.

     Our society holds in high esteem those individuals who take strong and consistent stands based on their moral and ethical values.  Flip flopping on issues is generally viewed with disdain and supporting what is fair, and right for the common good, despite personal views, is respected and highly valued.

     Politicians are evaluated for their grasp of issues, demeanor, and communication/debating skills. In today's rapid exposure over the internet, being well prepared and confident is necessary to avoid negative press.  People whose prior conduct contains any skeletons in their closet can derail their efforts to represent a high level of ethical and moral conduct. Any person thinks they can ignore or hide unsavory dealings and relationships is delude themselves.  Even the people who have committed the same mistakes are likely to hold people in the public spot light to a high standard than they apply to their own behavior.
      The more uncertain you are about a certain trait you possess, the more likely that you will care about what other people think. Some individuals solution is to stop caring about what people think you remove the self doubts so you won't care at all about the opinion of others.

There is something to be said for caring about what people think
      Many things in our society tend to occur in cycles. For example the new clothing styles so many women attempt to emulate annually with the promotions by clothing designers. Hair and makeup are also driven by fads and images of thin figures of models and Hollywood starlets.  Advertising agencies make their living convincing people that they must change their images to reflect the latest changes in style and trends that stimulates the target audience to spend money on unnecessary products.

      The sales pitch also infers that you needy new clothes then to ensure a positive opinion of others about how your dress, otherwise your social and business status can not be maintained.

      The exact same pressure is implied by society pundits and fashion magazines about making over your personality traits and everything that is related to you. Once you accept that you are good person,  attractive, and interesting,  you will stop needing or caring about the opinion of others.

      It is impossible and not necessary to prove to everyone that you worthy of their respect, but its relatively simple to prove it to yourself. Your subconscious mind will accept whatever beliefs your conscious mind determines is the truth. If you believe that you are uninteresting, then you will interpret and revise interactions with other people to support that belief. However, if you are confident and believe that you are worthy of respect and are interesting,  the opinion of others will not affect your self image.

     Some individuals feel the need to be liked and accepted so strongly that it can be debilitating to the extent that it interferes with their ability to:

  • Feel at ease with themselves and around others,
  • Limits what endeavors they take on in life.

    For these type of personality, the need for acceptance may exceed their own needs and desires in order to do what they think will achieve the approval of others.

    Most individuals accept the premise that the essential step to becoming a self confident person is to stop caring about what other people think! However, usually the people who try to follow this advice do not know there is a correct and incorrect way to accomplish this goal, so they never see any improvement in their self esteem.

    Not caring about what others think is sometimes taken to mean that they intend do whatever they want without caring about the opinion others will form about them. This is a very serious mistake as no one can live as an island!

   If you formulate a clear opinion about yourself, you may decide you want to learn how to go about what you could become.  Reaching a decision of what changes you want to make is the most important step to becoming confident.  Not caring about what others think doesn't mean that you stop caring and believing in yourself even when you don't care about what people think.  Make changes in your life for yourself.

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