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Standards For
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    Figures, or school figures, refer to circular patterns which skaters trace on the ice to demonstrate skill in placing clean turns evenly on round circles. These circles are skated using one foot at a time, as a skater masters balance, control, flow and edge to achieve clean and accurate tracings.

USFS Rulebook - Standards For Figures

FSR 1.01 Before the start of each figure, skaters is required to distinctly indicate the approximate long axis of the figure to be skated. Skaters may select the location for the figure within the boundaries as established on the ice surface by the referee in a competition or the judge in charge of a panel of test judges. The goal was for the skater select as far as possible clean ice where they can see their tracings and not follow the tracings of a similar figure made by a previous skater. Selecting ice which made the tracing
difficult to follow was deemed a fault of the skater.

A. The skater could not use the long axis provided by a figure previously skated. The skater could not use painted lines or marks on the ice as a tangent, axis or start and must not locate or place turns on them. For exceptions, see CR 34.02(C) and TR 9.04, 9.05, 40.01 and 40.10.

B. The skater must not start without the permission of the referee or judge in charge

C. Every figure must be skated three times on each foot. For exceptions, see CR 34.02

(A) and TR 9.02.

D. The referee must personally (or through an intermediary) announce to the skater the
completion of the required execution of the figure.

E. To begin a figure, skaters must stand on the flat of their skates slightly before the
intersection of the long and short axes of the figure. The figure must be commenced from this standing position by means of one clean single stroke from the edge (not the toe point) of the skate, without any preliminary step and without any unnecessary or exaggerated contortions of the body.

F. Should the figure be started with a previous stroke or with any unnecessary or
exaggerated contortion of the body, the referee must direct the skater to start the figure again. Such fresh start must be allowed only once without a penalty; for a second fresh start, if incorrectly executed, the judges must deduct one-fifth (1/5) of the mark they would otherwise have given had the incorrect start not occurred.

G. The change from one foot to the other must be made without pause by putting down
the free (now tracing) foot, and by a single stroke from the edge, not from the point, of the skate of the lately tracing (now free) foot.

H. The repetitions must follow without pause.

I. When the figure is finished the skater must not stop at the long axis, but must continue
in motion by changing the foot when leaving the figure after its completion in a straight line in the direction of the short axis. The change of foot may be made by making a fourth thrust or by stepping across the long axis. The purpose of this is to avoid the obliteration of any turns or changes of edge which may be part of the figure.

J. If a skater starts a figure on the wrong foot, or skates a figure other than that prescribed,
the referee must draw attention to the mistake as soon as possible. The mistake must be treated as a false start according to SSR 1.01(F) above.

    The goal of these workshops is to demonstrate the turns performed on two and three lobe circles that are the basic foundation of the Compulsory School Figures tests that previously required to be passed prior to taking the Free Skating tests to qualify skaters to enter competition events.

    The lesson plans are designed to have video clips of the technical skills and performance levels of each element. It is our hope to gradually add these resources to the lesson plans as time and funding permits.


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