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Sports Seminar Topics

Child Centered Sports
       Child Centered Sports is a philosophy that embrace the concept that young athletes should be the center or focus of a sports activity. This should be a positive environment that is constantly monitored by caring and trained adult coaches, administrators, parents and officials.

       Volunteer coaches and officials should receive training and develop an appreciation for their responsibility as role models and protectors of their charges.

       Details of this approach to youth sports can be presented in a series of seminars designed to provide practical guidance on techniques that identify and prevent abusive behavior toward children during non-school youth sports activities.

Volunteer Coaches Educational Seminars
Coaching Topics Specific Sports Issues
What it takes to be a volunteer coach
Why kids play and quit sports
Dealing with parents
Winning and losing
What it takes to be a role model
Child abuse prevention
Discrimination Issues
Legal issues
Injury prevention and treatment
Teaching proper fundamentals
Suggested drills to reinforce fundamentals
Sport specific conditioning
Organizing effective practices
Offensive and defensive Strategies

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Workshop Topics:
  • The Mental game pre competition assessment. Discovering an individual's mental obstacles inhibiting their athletic potential.
  • Practical methods to show athletes how to implement seminar concepts. Discuss with coaches the time required to implement the sports psychology skills.

Seminar Topics:

  • Winning Confidence: Believing you can achieve your goals.
  • Focusing: The Magic of Concentration.
  • Switching Mindset from the Practice to the Performance.
  • Mentally Focusing on a Pre Performance Routine.
  • Mental Preparation Strategies.
  • Developing Mental Preparation Strategies.
  • The Psychology of Great Performance.
  • Effective Practicing Makes for a Perfect Performance.

Clinic Topics

  • Maximizing the results of Practice Time.
  • Building Team Unity/Cohesion.
  • Boosting Teamwork.
  • Preparing for Tough Competition.
  • The triggers of entering the "zone".
Sport Specific Topics:
  • How to quickly and consistently get in the zone.
  • Learning how to achieve self-confidence.
  • Consistently Performing Inspired.
  • Laser focus to ignore distractions.
  • When the wheels come off how to regaining composure.
  • Mindsets to maximize practice results.
  • How to peak for an important performance.
  • Overcoming slumps.
  • Getting into a comfort zone.
  • How to insure all the pieces come together.
  • What inspires a masterful performance?
  • The keys to an inspired routine.
  • The psychology of winning.
  • Losing Gracefully.
Interactive, problem solving workshops.
  • Faulty Movement Patterns – Functional Assessment & Training
  • Rehabbing an Athlete – From Minor to Major Injuries
  • The Rehabilitation Continuum – Stabilizing to total body performance
Topics for Parent Orientation:
  • Role of parents in youth sports
  • Obligations parents need to fulfill
  • Parental responsibilities to young athletes
  • Don't allow the child to "Guilt Trip You"!
  • Be objective and honest in praise and comments
  • Don't live vicarious through your children
  • Tip for being a good sports parent
  • Pledge to promote good sportsmanship

Child-centered teaching methods enhance early childhood development.  Child-centered teaching methods enhance early childhood physical education.

PDF 2005 Youth Sports National Report Card - AAHPERD The panel is greatly concerned that, on the whole, youth sports has:
  • Lost its child-centered focus, meaning less emphasis on the child's experience and more emphasis on adult-centered motives, such as winning.
  • Suffered from the actions of over invested sports parents, who maintain unrealistic expectations and fail to behave in a way that promotes the development of their own child and others.
  • Failed to provide sufficient background checks, training and evaluations for coaches, who are so instrumental in the youth sports experience.
  • Focused on early sports specialization, leading to burnout, overuse injuries and a hyper-competitive atmosphere focused on travel team participation at an ever-younger age.
  • Lost the voice of the child, who is participating in sports for his or her own goals, which
  • experts say include fun, friends, fitness and skill development.
Pros Of Children Participating In Competitive Sports
June 14, 2011 Competitive sports are usually organized around the rules and regulations of a sports organization or other entity. The pros of competitive sports include many benefits for children if the sports include child-oriented goals and controls for appropriate expectations, child readiness and safety, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. A shift in focus away from child-centered practices can negate the benefits children get from competitive sports.

PDF Lifelong Involvement in Sport and Physical Activity...  Child-Centered Approach to Involvement in Sport and Physical Activity. Deliberate Practice and Deliberate Play.


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