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     The longevity of an athlete depends on their propensity for taking risks and short cuts in training.  For too many athletes there is a career ending injury that occurs. Many injuries can be either prevented or if they occur, the proper rehab program can allow the athlete to return to participating in the sports activity.

Sports Medicine Reports    

On Thin Ice: Preparing and Caring for the Ice Skater During Competition

May/June 2008 - Sports Medicine Reports, Volume 7 - Issue 3 - pp 133-137
Author: Jaworski, Carrie A.; Ballantine-Talmadge, Sherrie

The competitive sport of figure skating has changed in many ways over the last few decades with the advent of increasingly difficult programs, the additions of new disciplines within the sport, and changes to the types of injuries seen.

With increased numbers of participants, there is more need for medical coverage at many skating events throughout the country. The sports medicine physician responsible for the care of skaters at a competition will need a working knowledge of the basics of skating and the injuries these athletes sustain in order to provide exceptional care to the skaters.

This article reviews the basics of figure skating along with the common injuries and medical conditions often experienced by figure skaters to allow a physician to feel comfortable dealing with potential rink side emergencies and issues. It also provides guidance on the preparation required to provide medical coverage at an ice skating competition.

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