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Sports Information

Sports, Exercise, and Fitness: A Guide to Reference and Information Sources (Social Sciences)
by Richard Allen

Publisher Comments:

For reference librarians and researchers seeking information on sports and fitness, this guide is an important first stop. For collection development specialists, it is an invaluable selection guide. Allen describes and evaluates over 1,000 information sources on the complete spectrum of sports: from basketball, football, and hockey to figure skating, table tennis, and weight training.

Focusing on English-language works published between 1990 and the present, the guide thoroughly covers traditional reference sources, such as encyclopedias and bibliographies, along with instructional sources in print formats, online databases, and Web sites.

To enable users in search of information on specific sports or fitness activities, chapters are organized thematically, according to broad- type aquatic sports, nautical sports, precision and accuracy, racket sports, ice and snow sports, ball sports, cycling, and so on, with subcategories for such individual sports as soccer, golf, and yoga. Within these categories, works are further organized by type: reference, instructional, and Web sites.

       Sports, Exercise, and Fitness  A Guide to Reference and Information Sources (Google eBook) 
       by Mary Beth Allen



Sports Training


The following internet links have been gleaned from personal communications
combined with information from public institutions and athletic organizations/
associations that have a web presence with information concerning team and
individual sports programs:

Sports Information
Sports In Society
Classes of Motor Skills
Ice Skating Disciplines
Skating Skills & Training
Figure Skating Topics by Sababa
Figure Skating Stress
ISI & Basic Skill Badge Levels
Figure Skating Training
PDF  Off Ice Training Guides

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