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Speed Skating Tips -
Long and Short Tracks


Short and Long Track Events

       The world short and long track speed skating events held on ice are quite different. The size, length, and shape of the tracks require completely different facilities to host their competitions. Some long track events are performed on outdoor artificial ice surfaces. Both long and short tracks are regularly resurfaced with ice making machines that cut, scrape, and lay a sheet of water in one operation.

       Speed skating was introduced into the Winter Olympic games in 1916. Speed skating is an exciting athletic event that is practiced on two-lane oval tracks, 400-meters long. It is practiced in all-around, sprint, single-distance, team pursuit, and marathon events.

      Training and Racing Guide for In-Line and Ice Skaters by Barry Publow Paperback. This book provides a good single source of information for anyone considering taking up speed skating. This volume will show you how to choose the right skating club and how to test your developing skills in grassroots competition. It also provides a step-by-step coverage from basic speed skating fundamentals to more advanced training tips. Special features include:
  • Long track and short track skating;
  • In-depth profiles of the top international speed skating stars;
  • Great names in speed skating history;
  • Standard skates or clap skates -- which blades are right for you?;
  • Skating opportunities for beginning, advanced, experienced and challenged athletes.
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PDF A Parent's Guide to Speed Skating A Skating Canada guide to help in the development of athletes in all stages of speed skating.

Speed Skating Tips -
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Speed Skating gloves  Many short track speed skaters touch the ice with their left hand (finger tips only) while skating through the turns.

Tightening the Turns in Speed Skating: Lessons in Centripetal  Feb. 7, 2011  Enjoy the thrill and pace of speed skating. What is important is the fastest time to finish a race on ice or a wooden track.

Author Jim Fink, is a Seattle inline speed and fitness skater. He is not a competive speed skater. He wrote these article at a time he had two years experience as an inline skater. He described his skills as somewhere between a recreational skater and a speed demons.


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