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Speed Skating Curriculum

The Bridge Program speed curriculum provides an introduction to speed skating.

    No previous speed skating experience is necessary. The workshops are designed for skaters for whom this will be their first time on speed skates.

    Skaters will be divided by skill groups to accommodate skaters who have some previous skating experience.

    The concept is to build on a skater's basic ability to skate and transfer those skills to the sport of figure skating.

    The curriculum listed is designed to help introduce the principles involved with the discipline of speed skating.

    Depending of the skill of some groups, skaters may only work on one principle for the entire allotted time during the session.

    Skaters will also participate in off ice instruction to maximize the value of the on-ice time.

Discussion topics:

➢    Variations of technique and style
➢    Ice utilization
➢    Tracking
➢    Partnering

U. S. Figure Skating Basic Skills Program
Speed Curriculum

     The speed skating track for the Basic Skills program introduces beginning speed skating  techniques for skaters after they have learned the basic skating fundamentals in Basic Skills 1-4.

     These techniques include basic positions, edges, turns, starts and speed development. Skaters will be ready for racing after completing the Speed 1-6 badge levels:

Speed 1
  • Demonstrate basic position
  • Two foot glides, straight line – 20 feet
  • Two foot glides, straight line – 10 feet in position
  • One foot glides – straight line, R & L, 10 feet each
  • Demonstrate start position
  • Demonstrate basic skating position
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the size of track (111 meters)
  • Execute stroke
  • Skate three laps around hockey circles in basic position
Speed 2
  • Two foot glides on a curve – 20 feet on proper edges (L outside & R inside edge)
  • One foot glides on curve, R & L, inside & outside edges – 10 feet
  • Forward crossovers on hockey circle, both directions
  • Demonstrate proper start
  • Skate one lap around track in basic position
  • Skate one lap in 11 seconds around hockey circles
  • One foot glides – straight line, R & L – 10 feet in position
  • Demonstrate understanding of start command
Speed 3
  • Forward crossovers with edge pushes – two consecutive hockey circles to left in position
  • Demonstrate basic arm swing for straight-aways
  • Demonstrate basic arm swing around end of track
  • Demonstrate proper start acceleration
  • Skulling for one lap around track in position
  • Skate five laps in position around hockey circles
  • Skate two laps in 20 seconds around hockey circles
  • Backward two foot glides in position – 10 feet
Speed 4
  • Execute basic arm swing for one lap around track
  • Execute proper straight-away speed skating stride
  • Demonstrate proper foot placement while skating the track
  • One foot turn to the left balancing on right foot – strong inside edge on track
  • Skate four laps in position around full track
  • Skate three laps in 36 seconds around hockey circles Speed 5 Speed 6
Speed 5
  • Execute basic arm swing – five laps around track
  • Tight 180 degree turns on one foot – medium speed – RI edge
  • Tight 180 degree turns on one foot – medium speed – LO edge
  • Backward crossovers – both directions in a figure eight
  • Skate 333 meters in 1:30
  • Backward one foot glides (R & L) in position – 10 feet
Speed 6
  • Slalom course – two feet elements in position
  • Slalom course – one foot, shifting from inside to outside edges, R & L foot in position
  • Tight 180 degree turns on one foot – full speed – RI edge
  • Tight 180 degree turns on one foot – full speed – LO edge
  • Skate 333 meters in 1:20
  • Skate 777 meters in 3:00
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