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Special Olympics Figure Skating
    Figure skating is one the few judged Special Olympics sports. Special Olympics Figure Skating features singles and pairs jumps, lifts and many feats of strength and precision. Ice dancers concentrate on interpreting the rhythm and tempo of music through dance steps on the ice."

    According to Special Olympics bylaws, figure skating competitions are governed by the ISU "except where modifications have been established for the benefit of all Special Olympics athletes.

    Skaters may choose from the following World Games events: singles competitions, pairs skating, ice dancing, guest skate dance, unified pairs, unified ice dancing, and a skills competition at the local program level. Elements include varying levels of standard skills, such as toe loop and salchow jumps, footwork such as Mohawks, lunges and spirals, and dances up to the fourteen step.

   The Special Olympics Figure Skating Skills Guide explains the Badge Program, a learn-to-skate program that takes athletes from beginning to more advanced skating. Consult the Figure Skating Rule Book for more information.

Official Special Olympics Sports Rules for Figure Skating shall govern all Special Olympics competitions. PDF FIGURE SKATING - Winter Sports Rules11-19-03.qxd

The USFS Special Olympic Figure Skating Program
   The USFS program for our special skater members includes badges and competitions . The following materials are provided to help clubs organize a program for area skaters who have special needs.

   The lesson plans are provided for use by coaches in preparing skaters for the different levels of Special Olympics Figure Skating Competitions:

    The Bridge Special Olympic curriculum provides an introduction to ice skating.

    No previous experience skating is necessary. The workshops are designed for skaters for whom this will be their first time on ice through more experienced skaters.

    Skaters are divided by skill groups to accommodate skaters at all levels.

    The concept is to build on a skater's basic ability to perform edges and turns by adding the concept of mini programs without music.

    The curriculum listed is designed to help introduce various forms of ice skating.

    Depending of the skill of some groups, skaters may only work on one principle for the entire allotted time during the session.

    Skaters are encouraged to participate in off ice instruction to maximize the value of the on-ice time.

Discussion topics:
➢    Opportunities available to test and compete in ice dancing
➢    Variations of technique and style
➢    Application of pattern
➢    Ice utilization
➢    How to read dance patterns
➢    Tracking
➢    Partnering

U. S. Figure Skating Basic Skills Program
Special Olympics Badge Program

      The Special Olympics Sports Skills Program is designed for people with mental retardation who may exhibit any number of physical impairments. The Special Olympics Figure Skating Badge Program allows athletes to learn skills in a progressive order and earn badges at each level. Athletes who complete the Special Olympics Badge Program will be prepared to move into the existing badge program at local rinks.

Special Olympian Badges
Compulsory Figure Skating Competition Elements
Compulsory Element Group Level 1
Compulsory Element Group Level 2
Compulsory Element Group Level 3
Compulsory Element Group Level 4
Compulsory Element Group Level 5
Compulsory Element Group Level 6

Free skating Special Olympian Level I Program
Free skating Special Olympian Level II Program
Free skating Special Olympian Level III Program
Free skating Special Olympian Level IV Program
Free skating Special Olympian Level V Program
Free skating Special Olympian Level VI Program

    The following materials are designed to help coaches become a better at working with Special Olympic Figure Skaters.
                                         source - Special Olympics North America

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