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Generic Skating Workshop Plan -
on & off ice components

Developing an outline for any training session requires as much work for 10 or 1000 attendees
It is essential to have someone with experience in teaching or training provide a structured outline of a typical plan for a short course or a syllabus for an extended series of classes.

       Webster University, the Syllabus Geeks have extended their standard template functionality to include robust, multi-level template capabilities. The development of this feature came at the request of schools tasked with managing several "tiers" of templates, from the institutional level all the way down to course sections.

        Schools now have the power to effortlessly manage required syllabus content and permissions across multiple course syllabi from a series of syllabus templates, saving a tremendous amount of time. Should a policy change at the institution, school, or course level, an administrator can make that change in single place and have the change cascade to all of the lower-level templates. Refer to Intellidemia for more information about course templates.

Syllabus and Course Outline  Example of a Generic Course Orientation by Martha Stuffler outlines course lectures, organizes the structure and learning outcomes.

PDF Syllabus — generic example - San Joaquin Delta College  Syllabus—generic example.
Course Description -  This course is designed for the student needing skill development in writing basic English prose. Emphasis is placed on writing clearly and correctly for a given purpose and audience.

Method of Instruction: Methods of instruction include Mini-lectures; Small groups work in class;
individual in-class writing and exercises.

The Three to Four Hour Workshop
  A workshop is usually conducted as a "Hands On" method of communicating information to groups of individuals who have similar minimum sets of skills so that they all are able to acquire and performing the objectives of the materials being covered. This allows a coach to maximize their effectiveness and frees up time to make "One on One" corrections with the learners.

       This is the same basic concept that is used by teachers who teach "gifted" high school students and advanced upper division college/university classes.

       Workshops for athletes are most effective when they are comprised of classroom (off-ice) and on ice components to maximize the learning experience and reduce the ice expenses to hold such events.

Applied Sports Psychology and coaching workshops for athletes and coaches
       Descriptions of applied sport psychology and coaching workshops which are specifically designed for sport practitioners, coaches, and athletes. Most workshops can be presented to audiences representing many sports or specific sport groups. The intent of the workshops is to produce behavior and knowledge changes in participants so they will proceed with their sporting involvement in a more effective manner.

       The offerings described can be presented as individual meetings or can be combined to produce intense and in-depth developments of the topics associated with applied sport psychology and coaching. Week-end packages of these topics are particularly effective.

Recommended Reading:
Off-Ice Training

PDF Workshops for Student Athletes  Workshops for Student Athletes, Athlete Leaders and Coaches. Alan D. Berkowitz , Ph.D. The overwhelming majority of athletes are hard-working, healthy and responsible young adults who manage a challenging schedule and a variety of responsibilities. When there are problems on teams, it is often the minority who create a negative stereotype for the majority. In my work with athletes, I focus on the health of the majority and teach student athletes and coaches how to strengthen and “grow” the positive and use it to interrupt and minimize the negative.

Skating Workshops

Athletic Insight - The Influence of an Imagery Workshop Athletic Insight - Article. Examine the influence of a mental imagery workshop on athletes' subsequent use of imagery. Psychological skills have long been considered an integral part of what makes an athlete successful at elite levels. Perhaps one of the most widely researched and popular intervention strategies to date has been the use of mental imagery, which has been defined as a psychological activity that evokes physical characteristics of any object, person, or place that is absent from our perception (Denis, 1985). White and Hardy (1998) suggest that through imagery “we can be aware of ‘seeing’ an image, feeling movements as an image, or experiencing an image of smell, taste or sounds without experiencing the real thing”.

Yoga Workshops & Classes  Specific poses will be practiced to encourage alignment, balance and openness. While each workshop has a specific focus, they are appropriate for everyone, athletes and non-athletes alike. All workshops include restorative poses to enhance recovery from strenuous exercise and stress. Increased freedom of movement and restorative practices translate to improved recovery from daily activities and a greater sense of balance within.

W&M Sports Medicine Workshop for High School Students  For a quarter of a century, the Division of Sports Medicine at the College of William & Mary hosted Cramer Athletic Training Workshops for high school students.


Sample Workshop Registration Application

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