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Figure Skating is a multi-fascisted sport 
       Figure skating has a variety of disciplines with organized events for all levels of skills that are designed to offer an opportunity for individuals of a wide range of ages to participate.

       Competitions are organized as club, Open Non-Qualifying, and Qualifying Championships. There are National Competitions for Juvenile, Collegiate, Adult skaters, and Showcase skaters.

       The Novice, Junior, and Senior skaters compete in the USFS National Championships for the opportunity of being selected to represent the USA in International, World, and Olympic events in Man and Ladies Free Skating, Pairs, and Dance.

       Synchronized Team Skating and Theater On Ice conduct separate competitions to quality for worlds and international competitions. Neither discipline is presently included as Olympic events.

Artistic, Interpetive, and Showcase
Theater On Ice
Free Skating Competitions
The mission of U.S. Figure Skating is to provide programs to encourage
participation and achievement in the sport of figure skating.

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associations that have a web presence with information concerning team and
individual sports programs:

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