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       Every skater, coach, and volunteer loves to receive recognition. All of the hard work and time that has been expended can be awarded by recognizing their efforts can be acknowledged publishing an article in the clubs web site and newsletter.  In addition, plaques and awards can be a part of the club's annual meeting.

       Sometimes a club lacks someone, who has the time or journalism skills, to interview skaters, coaches, or volunteers and write an article. Why not invite skaters to write about their experiences taking interesting trips to compete or participate in special training at skating centers or workshops.

       Mentioning the success of skaters who earn gold test medals or place in regional or higher competitions is great. What is even better is to invite them to write an article about their experiences in skating. As an incentive, the article might be a requirement for the application for financial assistance from the club.

Skater Profiles
Brett Ryan
Erika Perry & Justin Schumann
Rosalie Chen
Iris Chin
Kimberly Baer
Trip to Lake Placid, NY


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