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Figure Skating Judges and Officials are Volunteers
   Judging figure skating is very subjective and requires as much effort on the part of judges to improve their skills through practice and education as the effort skaters expend to develop the necessary skills necessary to earn a gold medals.

      It is helpful for coaches, skaters, parents, and judges to communicate with each other on a regular basis to insure that everyone is on the same page.  Conflicting information from any of these sources provides an image of the left hand not being aware of what the right hand is doing. This does not provide a positive figure skating experience for athletes and their parents.

      Skaters benefit from a collaboration between coaches and judges that are designed to achieve an agreement of expectations of test and competition performances.

      The following concepts that can get a team in the collaborative process:

1. Brainstorming opens up a way to explore new ideas and different perspectives by bring people together to work toward a common goal. This does not require everyone to be physically present in he same room. Technology is available to accomplish online meetings.

2. Chatting is an informal and unstructured form of communication that helps to foster about effective collaboration. Use online discussion or chat solutions can keep everyone involved in talking about projects, tasks or processes.

3. Project planning is essential in mapping out the steps for a project or a new process. To allow he process to reflect everyone's points of view, there should be a moderator to coordinate and serve as an expediter organize ideas for each project and how to each step in the process.

4. Project execution depends on developing a consensus to accomplish a shared outcome.

5. Team building is only as successful as the strengths and weakness of each individual member. Start with a list of potential candidates for the team with their personalities and strengths. It is imperative that the team leader makes sure the team he/she assembles can work well together. It is the responsibility of the team leader to bring out strong traits of all team members and facilitate their understanding of how to work together with each other.

       Building a strong, communicative team enhances the effectiveness of working together to be successful.

PDF Collaboration Techniques that Build Consensus Building positive group potential, and understanding on how to manage dissent. Techniques that engender collaboration may range from making decisions to share resources or realizing other cooperative results. Finding the right tools and techniques are crucial for building partnerships who are success in coordinating and expanding group skills to develop and maintain alliances among diverse groups.

PDF Collaborative Techniques  Agenda; Collaborative Work; Positive Interdependence; Other Elements of Collaborative Work; Interaction: Asynchronous, Synchronous; Activity

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Critique Sheets

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Test and Elite Skating Standards

PDF  Focus Points: Evaluating a Test Performance
   We must observe everything that occurs and record notes that support the marks we give when testing:
  • MITF Elements
  • Compulsory dances
  • Free Skating Programs
  • Pair Programs
  • Free Dance Programs
   The ISU competition system of Grades of Execution (GOE) and Performance Components (PC)  rewards positive and negative performances. Many judges extend these concepts to judging tests.

MITF Discussion Topics
    A place to communicate your comments and opinions on how we can improve the testing environment, especially how to develop a diverse complement of skating skills, including basic forward and backward figure eights, loops, and twizzles, etc.


       The following articles and links discuss activities related to a wide variety of subjects relating to judging figure skating tests and competitions:

PDF IJS Handbook  

Singles and Pairs Training Manual for Judges
    This manual is used in training sessions for judges. It discusses the Moves In The Field (MITF), free skate, and pair tests that are governed by U.S. Figure Skating Association. Is important for test and competition judges to stay informed about rule changes.
MITF Lesson Plans
    The purpose of providing detailed Lesson Plans for each MITF element is to encourage a systematic method of teaching the Moves in The Field lessons.
    Every effort is being made to communicate information to the skater and coach about how judges evaluate different skills and weight the positive and negative qualities to arrive at their marks.
Critique Sheets for MITF
     The goal of the sheets is to provide a pattern of each individual MITF element to assist in the analysis of the elements by applying the focus points described in the lesson plans.
    It is our hope that these sheets, based on the PSA MITF booklet, will make it easier for coaches to communicate to their skater on how judges evaluate and judge the MITFs. Teaching to the test standards is especially valuable when coaches and judges are in agreement.

Chart of Changes to MITF on Sept. 2, 2010     

The following internet links have been gleaned from personal communications
combined with information from public institutions and athletic organizations/
associations that have a web presence with information concerning team and
individual sports programs:
Skater. Parent, and Coaching Issues
Levels of Skating Skills 
Modifying Patterns of Behaviors
Role of Sleep in Athletic Performance
Identifying & Reacting to Moods
PDF  Planning Special Olympic Season
          USFS Special Olympics

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