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Site Methodology

    The articles cited on this site have been researched for their application to the sport of figure skating. Original articles have been submitted and reviewed using a peer process. It is our intention provide information that serves as an objective and unbiased resource for clubs, parents, skaters, coaches, and rink management.

    As part of our education mission, discussion of topics may also include "point and counter point" positions that can be compared to the OpEd section that appear in newspapers and some magazines.

    The articles covered on our site include a range of topics and issues affecting all ages and skill sets from skaters who are beginners and extends to skaters who are in transition or have already joined the United States Figure Skating (USFS).

    Relevant topics are included for participants in ISI and USFS Basic Skill program of tests and competitions.

    An comprehensive section covers training topics for recreational, test track, and elite figure skaters.

    Our goal is to provide an environment of vibrant ideas and positive commentary that positively supports and promotes all aspects of the sport of figure skating.

All materials are copy protected. 
The limited use of the materials for education purposes is allowed providing
credit is given for the source of the materials.


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