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The National Showcase program is under the auspices of the Theatrical Skating Committee.

Showcase Events are similiar to the professional ice skating shows - ice Folies & Ice Capades
        Showcase competitions combines the artistic creativity of stage shows with figure skating to provide events for single skaters, duets, small ensembles of three to seven and production numbers of eight to thirty. National Showcase events are divided into three categories: light entertainment, dramatic entertainment. and extemporaneous improvisation for singles skaters. 

        Light or dramatic entertainment programs for singles and duets are perform under spotlights. All other events are performed under full house lighting.

        National Showcase has a festival atmosphere of inspirated skaters who have qualified placing in qualified events hosted at open competition throughout the country.The top four skaters of an artistic event qualify for National Showcase as long as they meet test requirements. This includes nonqualifying competitions with showcase events or all-showcase competitions. For more information on Showcase competition Guidelines, please refer to the Nonqualifying Showcase Guidelines and National Showcase Guidelines documents.

Duets, Mini-Production Ensembles, and Production Ensembles do not need to qualify to enter!!

The idea for the Showcase Competition Started at the Los Angeles Figure Skating Club
       Since the first theatrical figure skating events were hosted at the Los Angeles Figure Skating Club in 1974 by long-time skater and judge National Judge Jack Curtis.  The Ice Skating Institute added similar events to their recreational competitions. The first official USFS National Showcase event took place in 2004.

       The concept of theatrical skating events was to combine artistic creativity with the abilities possible from the media of ice skating. Events were open to single skaters, duets, small ensembles of three to seven, and production numbers of eight to thirty. The goal of National Showcase events is to stimulate original and unique choreographed programs.

       From these early beginnings, the sport has morphed into the National Showcase Championships, which provides an opportunity for skaters to experience the thrill of participating in ice skating carnivals and shows through skating in showcase competitive events. The theatrical aspect of showcase events is emphasized as skaters and duets who participate in light or dramatic entertainment events perform under their spotlights. All other events are performed under full house lighting.

       Skaters compete in local open competitions and then skate against others throughout the county who competed in categories of light entertainment, dramatic entertainment, and extemporaneous improvisation to singles skaters. The location of the National Showcase rotates to a different location around the country every year to reduce the expense of participation. Any USFS club can bid on hosting this competition, but they do need to have spectator seating, back stage areas, dressing rooms, and positions for spot lights.

Hosting the National Showcase Championships Resources:

PDF Bid package for the 2013 and 2014

Bid Packages - Welcome to US Figure Skating   Bid Packages and Competition Guidelines. Arena Requirements ... Bid Packages . Sample agreements from the 2013-14 season: 2014 Regional Championships Bid Application · 2014 Sectionals.

XLS Arena requirements

Skater Entry Qualifications:
       The top four skaters, in an artistic event held in open competitions, qualify for National Showcase provided they meet test requirements. This includes non qualifying competitions hosting showcase events or competitions with all-showcase events.  Note: Some announcements of open competition interpretive and artistic events may differ from the National Showcase announcement. The announcement of the host club for each competition takes precedent.

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Addition to Rule 1071, paragraph D in the National Showcase Rules that reads:

D. SINGLE ENTRY EVENTS AT NATIONAL SHOWCASE: Following the close of entries, if an event (singles, pairs, duet or ensemble) is composed of only one entry, the Local Organizing Committee will contact the single entrants to offer them the opportunity to select one of the following options: 1. The entry can withdraw and receive a full refund from the LOC. 2. The entry will be given the option to skate up one level if applicable. 3. The referee will offer the option to skate to the single entry in singles, pairs, duet or ensembles. If the competitor chooses to skate, judges will award their marks according to the rules and the applicable scoring system used. The competitor will be awarded first place, with the single-entry competitors in singles and duet advancing to the Parade of Champions.
Please note that here has been a revision to Rule 1082: Lighting that reads:
    1082: LIGHTING: Singles and Duets will perform under spotlights in a darkened house. Ensembles will perform under house lighting. If feasible, Extemporaneous Improvisations will warm up under house lighting and perform under spotlights in a darkened house. If not, house lights will be used. Props and stage front lighting must be used, with a stationary spotlight dedicated to both the curtain opening and the scenery props located at the stage front. Barrier and backstage lighting also needs to be provided to ensure safety of participants at all times. In most cases, a minimum of four spotlights would be required to accomplish these spotlight requirements.
National Showcase Dates and Location
       National Showcase Competition occurs in the Summer.

       Visit the event page on U.S. Figure Skating website.  It has not been updated  for 2013.

 Each year the location and dates change. Check the USFS page National Showcase Competition.

       U.S. Figure Skating has selected Hyannis, Massachusetts as the site of the National Showcase 2013. The event will be hosted by the Bourne Skating Club and will take place at the Hyannis Youth and Community Center, August 1-3, 2013.


National Vice Chair, National Showcase
Paula Wagener

Chair, Theatrical Skating Committee
Judy Edmunds

Director, Skating Programs
Brenda Glidewell
p: 719.635.5200
f: 719.635.9548

HTML  Showcase Skater's Guide

National Vice Chair, National Showcase  E-Mail Melissa Bowman

The National Showcase program is under the auspices of the Program Development Committee.
E-Mail  Mary-Elizabeth Wightman

Event - Welcome to US Figure Skating
The nine regional competitions, followed by three sectional competitions, begin the ... The competition features more than 250 skaters competing for national titles in ... Sectional, Synchronized, Theater on Ice, Trial Judge Event,

2012-13 Nonqualifying Showcase Competition Guidelines

DOC  2012-13 Nonqualifying Showcase Guidelines

PDF   2012-13 National Showcase Guidelines

HTML  Showcase Skater's Guide

2012 National Showcase was held August 9-11, 2012 at the Iceoplex Rink in Escondido, Calif. and hostedby Escondido FSC.     PDF  Competition Announcement

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