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Free Skating Short and Long Program Requirements 

     Free skating and pair competitions are divided into two phases - Short and Long Programs. Each program consists of various elements, jumps, spins, spirals, and footwork. The USFS competitive structure requires a specific number of elements based on the competitive level. Deductions are taken for failing to complete any required elements. No credit is even if there are duplications of required elements.

      The degree of difficulty increases as the skaters progress through the tests from Pre-Pre to Senior level.
The required elements vary for ladies and men. The length of time of programs also begins to increase for the men starting

     The Intermediate through Senior events have both short and long program requirements.  Each level can have a specific number of jump combinations and sequences, individual jump and spin restrictions, and step requirements as outlined below:
Note: requirements frequently change each season. Generally these changes
are announced at the annual USFS meeting held in the spring.

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