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Sports Related Seminar Ideas

Target the Audience
      It is generally a good idea to start out with a general introduction and then break out into individual Break Out Groups that are specifically focused to address the needs of the attendee ages, interests, skills, and motivations.

      A separate session should be focused on issues and questions related to the orientation of parents of new skaters. This also is an excellent time to discuss the the club is organized and depends of volunteers to provide services for its members. Provide information about joining your club and/or participating in the Basic Skating Skills beginning, novice, and advanced group classes your club or rink is sponsoring.

Keep the fee to attend as low as possible
     The goal should just be to break-even on the cost of sponsoring the seminars. To reduce expenses, consider using judges, coaches, skaters, and parents of experienced skaters that have experience testing and competing. Some park and recreation departments, local schools, or churches may have facilities to host your event at no or low cost.

     In the event that local resources can not supply the desired presenters, consider combining the seminars with bringing in judges for a test session or hosting an open competition. It is possible to reduce expenses by using High Definition CDs/DVDs as an alternative to on ice demonstrations.

    An orientation seminar can cover a wide variety of topics that can be held in different parts over a period of several weeks. Some clubs may consider hosting the seminars at the rink for parents while their skater(s) and participating in on-ice activities:
  • Successful Sports Parenting
  • Selecting Boots and Blades
  • Finding a Coach
  • Understanding the Athlete's Physical Growth and Development
  • USFS Parents Code of Conduct
  • First Competition
    • Preparation
    • Tips from a Judge
    • Mental Preparation
    • Goal Setting
    • What to eat before competing
  • A Nutrition Game Plan
  • Goal Setting and Mental Preparation
  • Building Self Confidence and Self Esteem

Skating Training Programs


Developing Workshop Topics

Sports Curriculum

      Other seminars can be held for people interested in becoming club volunteer or have specific interests such as -
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