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    Members of a High School Club may skate as teams consisting of individual events
   that award points for placements in each event and a combined overall winning tea

What if ice skating sports were a part of the varsity sports program of your local school?
        Ice skaters have the option to organize as a club team if they are self-funded.                                 
The coaching salary of skating programs to reflect hours and days of coaching, as well as schools not funding the expenses for training ice time, traveling expenses and entry fees to enter competitions.

Ann Arbor Board of Education planning committee decrease sports funding because economy
The committee made the difficult decision to eliminate eight sports and reduced funding for several teams.

         Freshman football, boy’s basketball and volleyball will continue as fully funded sports due to their high participation numbers. Freshman girls’ basketball, baseball, softball and boys’ and girls’ soccer will be eliminated because of low participation rates, costs and recommendations from coaches.

        Boys’ and girls’ bowling at the junior varsity and varsity levels are set to be eliminated due to low participation numbers and because there are existing opportunities available in youth league in the community. The teams have the option to become a club team if they are self-funded.

        The fall crew season also will be eliminated. The district will still fund the spring season of crew and teams can continue the fall season if they become self-funded club teams.

        Cheerleading at Huron High School and dance at Skyline High School will continue as varsity sports.

        The boys’ and girls’ lacrosse teams will maintain their varsity status for the 2011-12 seasons and will move to club status in the 2012-13 seasons, according to the email. No other school in the Southeastern Conference funds lacrosse as a varsity sport.

        Reductions coming from the Pioneer and Huron figure skating programs will consist of reducing the coaching salary to reflect hours and days of coaching, as well as schools not paying fees for competitions or ice time.

       The junior varsity field hockey teams will no longer have the second junior varsity team coach funded by the school, but teams have the option to fund the coach themselves. The two junior varsity teams will rotate in competition.

       Huron and Pioneer boys’ and girls’ track teams will each reduce one assistant coach position and Skyline will not add an assistant coach, bring the total coaching staff for each program to one head coach and two assistant coaches.

Athletic Fees
        Pioneer and Huron High School student athletes in Ann Arbor Michigan will pay $150 for their first sport, $75 for their second sport and no fee for any more sports. Middle school students will pay $50 annually to participate in sports. The committee had discussed a $250 flat fee or a $50 per sport increase, which would have raised revenue by an estimated $150,000. 

       The district will be esablishing a committee to investigate the ability to form before and after-school intramural high school athletic activities to supplement competitive programs.” It may be that the Community Education and Recreation Department may expand their programs to provide opportunities for freshman baseball and girls’ basketball.

Intramural Teams
<>       There are no plans immediately for intramural teams to take place, but district officials will be looking to explore how feasible the idea is. Pioneer principal Michael White has some experience working in a school with a intramural program and the district will work with parents and staff to explore ideas such as having a girl’s basketball program held in the gym before school or in the time immediately after school when the schools’ gyms are not being used for practice.

Title IX Implications
       Cuts to athletic programs must consider the Title IX implications when eliminating funding for school sports to insure there is no inequality between boy and girls sports.

Source - Ann Arbor News

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PDF St. Croix Figure Skating Varsity Lettering Program  Nov. 22, 2012 St. Croix Figure Skating and SAHS Varsity Figure Skating Lettering Policy
The requirements set forth in this policy are meant to be an equivalent to other Varsity Sports at Stillwater Area High School.  Objectives of the Program -
  1. To allow high school figure skaters the chance to continue in their chosen sport while pursuing a Varsity Letter.
  2. Provides an incentive for teen-aged skaters to remain in a positive activity while promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Builds self-esteem by giving recognition to skaters as athletes among school peers and teachers.
  4. To offer high school athletic status to figure skaters by rewarding them with a Varsity Letter. Often, the time demand of figure skating prevents student’s participation in regular High School Varsity Sports Programs.
  5. To give figure skaters the same courtesy and empathy in academic considerations (excused absences and extended deadlines) which traditional high school athletes receive from facility when events require them to leave school early, be tardy or absent.
  6. To extend sanctioned high school skating beyond hockey.

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Area high schoolers to skate for gold at Ohio High School  Feb. 11, 2011 ... Area high schoolers skate for gold at Ohio High School Figure Skating

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School Skating Clubs & Teams
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Building Team Cohesion
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State Interscholastic Sports Federations
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