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Skating Academy Program

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The workshop programs are designed to assist
in developing new skills and mastering existing skills

Our Summer Workshop Program is open to Basic Skills and USFS  skaters of all ages and abilities — from pre-schoolers to adults, beginners to advanced skaters.

Classes begin with the fundamentals and progress to more advanced and specialized figure skating skills: figures, Moves In The Field (MITF), free skating, dance, spotlight/showcase, Synchronized Team Skating, and team free skating events.

On-line seminars will be hosted for skaters and parents covering the following topics:

  • Your Nutrition Game Plan
  • Goal Setting and Mental Preparation
  • Building Self Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Successful Sports Parenting
  • Selecting Boots and Blades
  • Finding a Coach
  • Understanding the Athlete's Physical Growth and Development
  • USFS Parents Code of Conduct
  • First Competition
    • Preparation
    • Tips from a Judge
    • Mental Preparation
    • Goal Setting
    • What to eat before competing

The Your Club FSC is proud to partner with the U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills Bridge Program. The curriculum is well designed, and the objectives match the goals our club endorses:

  1. Making skating safe and pleasurable for our members
  2. Establishing personal goals designed to improve skating skills through progressive levels which will bring confidence and satisfaction at each step.
  3. Building a solid foundation which will serve skaters well if  pursuing figure skating by testing and entering USFS competitions

Classes Offered

Snowplow Sam 1 – 3

Introduces preliminary skills to pre-school skaters. Learn dips, swizzles, wiggles, and stops.

Basic Skills 1 – 8

Eight carefully planned levels allow the beginning skater to feel comfortable on the ice while gaining the basic skating techniques needed to advance into any of the specialized areas of the Basic Skills Program.


Free Skate 1 – 6

Upon completion of Basic 1 – 8, skaters learn jumps, spins, footwork, and other exciting athletic and artistic moves.


Artistry in Motion 1 – 4

Promotes overall ability to coordination technical skating skills while mastering the basics concepts of incorporating presentation skills in a total performance package necessary to succeed in spotlight and showcase events.

Synchronized Skating 1 – 4

Promotes overall fitness, improves balance and coordination while mastering the basics of skating on a synchro team.

Dancing 1 – 6

Promotes overall control of edges and turns while skating to a variety of fixed dance tempos. Skater will become familiar with performing Pre through Pre-Silver set pattern dances.


Pairs 1 – 4

Promotes overall control of edges and turns while performing elements featured in tests and adult competition events.


Adult 1 – 4

Provides skaters with an introduction to the edges and turns pair elements in tests and competition events.

Figures 1 – 4

Provides skaters with an introduction to the basic 8 and serpentine figure with turns incorporated in the MITF tests.

Off-Ice Exercises

Promotes overall body strength, stamina, and flexibility, including warm-up and cool down exercises.

Off-Ice Presentation Exercises

Provides skaters with a familiarity of basic ballet positions that are commonly used in conjunction with spins, jumps, and various connecting turns and movements.

Test Track

Provides skaters with an opportunity to compete against other skaters in competitive events based on the USFS test requirements.

Well Balanced Program Track

Provides skaters with an opportunity to compete against other skaters in competitive events based on the USFS well balanced program requirements.

Selecting a Class

Skaters are an extension of the group classes offered by the Your Club Ice Arena and sanctioned by the Ice Skating Institute and the USFS. Many skaters may already be taking private lessons from staff coaches.

Our Summer Skating Academy workshops are taught by Professional Skating Association ranked coaches who also teach the ISI group classes and work with private students who enter regional, sectional, and national qualifying USFS competitions.  Your club's advanced skaters, who are proficient in the elements being taught in the class, will serve as demonstrators.  Judges will be invited to provide their input.

On-Line self paced educational modules allow parents to print materials and provide a forum to establish a dialog with coaches, judges, and other skating parents that is frequently difficult to establish without an opportunity to ask questions before or after the workshops.

Registration Information

The weekly classes meet once a week for eight weeks. The schedule, topics and fees are being developed and will be posted shortly.

Registration is for an 8-week period. A skater may makeup a class by attending a matching class if arranged in advance and space is available. Limit to one per series of workshops.

Walk ons are allowed, limited to space available.

Registration is open to all home club members. USFS and Basic Skills members of other clubs may enroll if space is available.

A $12 USFS Basic Skill membership is required for all ISI skaters who wish to participate.  Membership runs July 1 to  June 30 and includes insurance coverage.  New members can join anytime throughout the year. The traditional membership year is Oct. 1 through Sept. 30, coinciding with the competitive season. You can expect to receive your member benefit mailing in September (trading pins, media guide and FOFS gear).

The registration  fee for ice and lessons is $100 for 8 classes.  Discounts will be offered for skaters taking multiple workshops. These discounts will be available to home club members and Basic Skill members as well as ISI members who enrolled at the (insert name(s) of participating rinks) and join the Basic Skills program.

Club Vouchers can be earned by club skaters and parents. Volunteers staffing an Open Competition can earn service vouchers provided in appreciation for their efforts in making the competition a success.

Class Schedule

Classes are planned for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings during the summer vacation. A schedule will be posted by (insert date).

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