MITF Workshop Lesson Plan Senior Element 1a
Sustained Edge Step in a CCW Direction




Element 1a: Sustained Edge Step in a Counter Clockwise  direction

Introductory steps are optional.

The skater will powerfully perform a Back Inside 3-Turn to a sustained swing change of edge followed by a Forward Inside Rocker stepping to a Back Inside Double 3-Turn. 

Backward crossover steps follow this sequence. This pattern is then repeated to cover the entire surface of the arena. 

The skater will repeat this pattern in the opposite direction.

  • Edge Quality
  • Turn Quality
  • Quickness
  • Continuous Power
  • Extension
  • Free legs should fully extend and the extensions of legs should match.
  • An ability to maintain an even flow over the ice should be observed.
  • The upper body must be upright, without breaking forward at the waist or hips.
  • The head should be up while maintaining balance over the skating foot and during transitions from one foot to the other.
  • Hands should be held at waist level.
  • No toe pushing should occur.
  • Skater must sustain their flow throughout the pattern.
  • Both directions should be skated equally well with effective, but subtle, use of the knees.
  • Footwork must be neat, not slurred.
  • The skater must display the ability to maintain power over the ice in flowing movements, without leaning forward at the waist, or being impeded while turning from forward to backward and backward to forward.
  • The edge into the rocker must be maintained. A 3-Turn is not acceptable.
  • Attention to placement of the edges and turns on the ice is required to established a balanced pattern repeated in both directions.
  • The skater must demonstrate refined presentation and performance skills.

  • Alternating back inside 3’s.
  • Back inside crossovers, pull to short axis, cross RBI – repeat.