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Is your Training the same from day to day, week to week?
       Do athletes with little experience testing or competing benefit from employing a performance routine prior to taking a test or entering a competition?

       There are intervention strategies involved in a coach's design of physical skills practice and cognitive behavioral routine free skating program, performing MITF elements, and compulsory dances.
       Coaches should measure an athlete's performance through the use of a pre-intervention test prior to pre-test and pre-competition simulated performances.

       There is a relationship to the frequency and duration of the number of weekly practice sessions. Greater improvements in performance can be expected with up to five weekly sessions for beginning learners. 

Preparation routines create a sense of familiarity for an athlete. Familiarity leads to a sense of control and control will positively influence your athlete's confidence. 

       There are two types of routines:
  1. before practice and training,
  2. after practice and training.

Pre-competition/training routine before a competition. Make a list of the foods they choose to eat, music they choose to listen to, hours of sleep they get, and any other behaviors they engage in before their competition.

      Incorporate a pre-competition routine in training to help bridge the gap between competition and training. The athlete will begin to feel in control and gain confidence.

Post-competition/training routine. Routines after a performance are more difficult to develop because of the variety of different outcomes:

  • A win
    • Great performance
    • Mistakes occurred
  • A loss
    • Poor performance,
    • Did your best, but others had more skills.

      The best way to maintain or build confidence for the next competition is to use the following two questions in your post-routine, regardless of the performance outcome:

  • Did I exert every ounce of effort I had to give today?
  • What can I do to be better tomorrow?
      Put the athlete's efforts and improvements is the best way to support them is develop a training support plan in which the athlete puts forth all the energy they have to give so they should be proud of their effort.

      Slowly begin to introduce pre and post-routines in training and competition.  Begin by observing your child before competition to see what things he/she likes to do. Then, incorporate the same behaviors before training. After the event (i.e. practice or competition) ask your athlete the two post-routine questions.

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