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The Role of Sports Psychology

Are you ready to take your performance to the next level?
    Many individuals have a burning desire to succeed in sports, but this goal seems to be very elusive.

    Elite world and Olympic athletes in summer and winter sports use visualization, self-hypnosis, positive suggestions, and techniques to build mental toughness. Mastering these tools allow them to use the power of the mind to take their sport performance to new levels.

Have you ever wondered why athletes with so much natural talent never come close
to reaching their potential, while other athletes with far less athletic ability achieve
great success?

    Many experts believe that sport performance is 75% -90% mental.  If this is true, then clearly athletes who are better prepared mentally are the ones that are consistently perform with less errors and at higher levels to be successful in any sport or academic endeavor. 

    The powerful force guiding athletes to these super performances is the subconscious mind.  The athlete must allow their subconscious mind to be the domi-nant state. 

   When the athlete is able to control their subconscious, they are better able to tap their mental power to perform more consistently at a high level.

   Sport Psychology can help you to:
  • Explore and examine the thoughts and beliefs that are creating the current experiences.

  • Reverse and release limiting thoughts that are blocking you from achieving peak performance.

  • Program effective auto suggestions for enhancing optimal states.

  • Anchor positive states for easy future access.

   Ultimately, each successful athlete must develop:
  • Superior confidence

  • Have razor sharp focus

  • Acquire a fearless approach

  • Enhanced athletic skills

  • Cease having performance anxiety

  • Remain calm and relaxed while practicing or competing

  • Access inner resources of strength and power

    Only when tapping into your mind's power will your body be able to operate on pure instinct and more consistently under stress. The result is more opportunities to achieve peak performances.

    Answer the following questions to see how you rate:
  • Do you perform great during practice, but choke when under stress?

  • Do you become distracted or lose focus during critical times in your performance?

  • Do you become nervous or anxious for days/weeks prior to competing?

  • Has your physical abilities been at a plateau for several months?

  • Do you over-analyze rather than stay in the present moment when performing?

  • Does your confidence get shaken easily?

    If the answer is "yes" to any of these questions, you might consider the services of a trained professional Sport Psychologist.

    Elite athletes are constantly looking to improve their performance to acquire an edge on their competitors.  No matter how physically prepared an athlete is, it is their mental preparedness that makes the difference when competing against each other. 

    Conditioning the mind is just as important as conditioning the body! Think of your mental attitude as the ultimate secret weapon that gives you an edge.

    Sport Psychology provides athletes with scientifically proven techniques to enhance their mental game.

    The essential goal is to establish a method and an approach that fuels success. At the center of this concept is strengthening an athlete's inner belief that they can achieve greatness. 

    Achieving your goals begins at the subconscious level, where all of our memories, beliefs, and experiences are stored. 

    Although there are many different methods and approaches to working with athletes, it is only when change is created at the subconscious level that real transformation occurs. 

    When working on the subconscious level, athletes can effectively program their minds for success, release old ideas of limitation, and experience rapid, posi-tive, and lasting results.

    Have you ever experienced one of the following “states” athletes often use to describe their optimal sport performance:
  • Possessing effortless power?

  • Being on automatic pilot?

  • Being fully absorbed and not aware of external distractions?

  • Being guided by pure instinct, without conscious thought.


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