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Recreation Centers & Ice Rinks

    Throughout North America, local communities have supported the development and operation of recreation and sports programs by funding playing outdoor fields and indoor complexes with ice skating rinks, swimming pools, gyms for basketball, volleyball gymnastics, fitness equipment, ballroom dance, square dance, ballet, running, etc. to engage all ages of local citizens in staying fit.

    There is wide spread support that the aging processing can be delayed in adults if they continue to participate in sports and other physical activities at a lower impact and stress level. It may be very difficult for highly competitive individuals to shift gears and participate a physical levels that avoids the risk exposure associated with pushing a body's physical limitations to achieve highly competitive physical performances expected of elite athletes in world and olympic events. 
    These public owned and operated facilities include outdoor seasonal rinks and indoor ice that is available year round.  Some facilities have no or limited seating while other have arena seating heated to a comfortable temperature for spectators.  The larger arenas are usually multipurpose facilities that hold other events, trade shows, conventions, concerts, etc. with one or two adjacent ice surfaces that allow for skaters to continue training without interruption when the arena doesn't have ice.

  Community Owned and Opperated Recreation Complexes with an Ice Rink
      The Vancouver Parks Board in Vancouver, Canada offer public access to indoor ice skating at eight community centers around the city. Skate rentals and "learn to skate classes" are available at the following public ice rinks:

•    Britannia Community Center – 1661 Napier St., 604-718-5800
•    Kerrisdale Community Center – 5670 East Blvd., 604-257-8121
•    Killarney Community Center – 6260 Killarney St., 604-718-8200
•    Kitsilano Community Center – 2690 Larch St., 604-257-6983
•    Riley Park Community Center – 50 East 30th Ave., 604-257-8545
•    Sunset Community Center – 390 East 51st Ave., 604-718-6517  Skating available year round.
•    Trout Lake Community Center – 3350 Victoria Dr., 604-257-8182
•    West End Community Center – 870 Denman St., 604-257-8339

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