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Program Development

The concept of what constitutes program development is difficult to grasp
       Program development is an ongoing systematic process that educational professionals follow as they plan, implement and evaluate their educational programs. A planning cycle process should be confined to a specific number of years so as to establish specific goals and measuring progress .

       The process can be applied on a small scale to an individual workshop or on a much larger scale as a comprehensive community initiative or program of action.  The scope may be different but the principles of program development remain the same.

In UW-Extension, the program development process is captured in our program development model that includes situational analysis, priority setting, program action – the logic model – and evaluation.

Source - University of Wisconsin Extension

Alabama Cooperative Extension System Stay Connected

     The university offers a program for promoting good communication, positive interactions, and productive problem solving among teens and their parents (parent-figures). StayConnected addresses many of the current concerns and experiences of families today.

     The program combines research based information with hands-on activities for educating teens and parents about themselves and their relationships. Materials can be used separately with groups of teens or parents, as well as with joint sessions that include both parents and teens.

     The materials include activities that parents and teens can do to help to link the in-session experiences to their day-to-day lives. This program is designed to be flexible so that it is useful for a broad range of participants who bring different interests and needs to the sessions.

The StayConnected program contains the following information:

  • Goals for teens
  • Goals for parents
  • Lesson plans for teen goals
  • Lesson plans for parent goals
  • PowerPoint presentation for teen goals
  • PowerPoint presentation for parent goals
  • In-session parent-teen activities
  • Out-of-session parent-teen activities
  • Other resources that may be helpful working with parents and teens in this program
PDF  How to Use this Program
For Teens

For Parents
In-Session Parent-Teen Activities

Out-of-Session Parent-Teen Activities

       The following are PDF Files -


Module 1

Conflict Management

Module 2


Module 3

Goal Setting and Planning

Module 4

Control and Responsibility

Module 5

Problem Anticipation

Module 6

Making Better Choices

Module 7

Creating alternatives

Module 8


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The following internet links have been gleaned from personal communications
combined with information from public institutions and athletic organizations/
associations that have a web presence with information concerning team and
individual sports programs:

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Essential Feedback

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