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Prioritize Athletes Education

Putting perspective into  the time allocated for other activities besides Academic Studies
     Coaches, instructors, trainers, and parents must not ignore pursuing an education as physical injury is always a possibility and becoming a champion at the international level is even problematic after achieving  the status of an elite athlete.

    The public school systems in areas of these world class skating training facilities usually have counselors who work with the athlete to arrange their classes schedules to utilize the non peak hours of the rink for training.

     Sometimes a private school or public charter school may be located in the area where the athlete is training and are generally willing to structure a plan to assist skaters in maintaining a full academic schedule as they pursue the goal of becoming an international skater representing the USA.

     Conventional public schools depend on state Average Daily Attendance payments. Thus it is understandable that these school administrators generally are less willing to accommodate skaters so they can train during the off-peak weekday morning and early afternoon hours.

    Charter Schools, Independent Studies, and Distance Learning courses offer possible ways to combine acquiring an education through participating in non-traditional classes. Contact your local school district to see what alternative avenues they may offer.

Teachers of other activities and Sports Coaches Influence on Academic Decisions
      Coaches sometimes worry about losing their jobs if the team record isn't up to par. And many parents are highly invested in and emotionally connected to the win/loss columns of their child's sport.

      There is research that shows the participating in extracurricular sports develops better overall student achievement . How doe parents and school officials balance the pressures demanding winning at all costs with the primary mission of schools to educate students?

      Each school district needs to adopt a written Code of Conduct philosophy statement that outlines how the school will demand students and staff to;
  • Instill self-discipline,
  • Foster self-confidence,
  • Require respect for the opinions and rights of others,
  • Establish a positive work ethic through example,
  • Promote wellness and healthy living,
  • Instill good sportsmanship, 
  • Develop of students to acquire academic skills to be competitive in the workplace.
  • Support a balanced approach to athletics, extracurricular, and academics.
 Roles of parents, teachers, and coaches
     Many parents of athletes are dissatisfied when coaches require mandatory practices preventing them from being able to take their family on vacation during spring break and other holidays. The coaches punish their athletes by prevented from participating in one or more games if they miss practice over the school holidays.

     The philosophy of the Positive Coaching Alliance, a national nonprofit is to provide young athletes a "positive, character building youth sports experience. They have developed three professional conduct models:
  • The Double-Goal Coach® first goal is winning, and whose second, more important goal is teaching life lessons through sports.
  • The Second-Goal Parent®  concentrates on life lessons, while letting coaches and athletes focus on competing.
  • The Triple-Impact Competitor®  strives to make an impact their sport on three levels by improving:
    • Oneself,
    • Teammates,
    • The sport.
      For such models to effective work, the community must also embrace these philosophies.

High School Athletes
      Every high school should offer a variety of competitive athletic programs, sanctioned high school athletics. and club sports. Club sports are legitimate competitive vehicles, but rarely receive any financial support from the district to fund a coach and run an effective program.

      Inherent in any interscholastic athletic system is the educational quality as outlined in scholastic requirements of the district. Favoritism towards student-athletes is not acceptable. Every student must perform in the classroom to earn the privilege of representing their respective schools in extracurricular activities, clubs, and sports. Such standards are vehicles for the development of all students for future success.

      Many parents feel that participation in high school sports allows their child to increase their focus their athletic abilities, and that this specialization paves the way for their child to receive a college scholarship. Actuality only a very small percentage of students earn athletic scholarships, and the overwhelming majority will spend more money providing sports training than the cost of college expenses. Achieving an education enhanced by participating in high school athletics offers the ideal preparation for a collegiate athletic career.

      There are many important ideas that can be learned by participating in high school athletics:
  • High school sports are more than wins and losses,
  • Teach lifelong skills: Teamwork,
  • Self-motivation,
  • Understanding that it is important to be a part of something bigger than one’s self.
Educational institutions are publicly funded to educate the entire student, not just the athletic programs.


PDF  Athletics vs. academics priority Determine what is right for you. Athletic Priority. Some high school athletes care more about continuing their sport than their academics.

PDF  Academic Integrity in Intercollegiate Athletics  Athlete scholarships are payment for future services provided by the athlete and only encourage high-school athletes who are college aspirants to prioritize sports over academics.

Is there a methodology for "tiering" or "prioritizing" sports?  There a methodology for "tiering" or "prioritizing" sports programs. There are many school and college athletic programs that 'tier' or prioritize sports programs.

How does the NCAA prioritize student-athlete's Eligibility? NCAA prioritizes student-athlete's Eligibility Center Registrations in education, recruiting, scholarships.

Early Specialization in Youth Sport: a requirement for adult expertise?
    The role of early specialization in the development of sport expertise is a point of contention among researchers. While there is consistent evidence linking quantity of training with level of proficiency attained, a focus on specialized training during early stages of development has been linked with several negative consequences. Diversified involvement in a number of sports during early stages of development has been presented as a possible alternative to early specialization. Considering the consequences of advocating the early specialization approach and research suggesting the effectiveness of early diversification, coaches and sport scientists should consider the early diversification approach as an alternative.

The Learning Process - Table of Contents
   Learning is a life long process. Most individuals do not consider the many factors that are involved in learning a new fact, task, or skill. The exception are those who are professional teachers, instructors, business trainers, and sports coaches.

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