Prevention of Skating Injuries

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      Prevention of Athletic Injuries

Injuries Occur More Frequently Than You Might Think
        Each year, more than 3.5 million sports related injuries in children under age 15 are treated in hospitals, doctors' offices, clinics, ambulatory surgery centers and hospital emergency rooms in the United States, according to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System of the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.

        The number of sports related injuries involving children ages 5 through 14 years includes:

  • Football: 448,200
  • Basketball: 574,000
  • Baseball: 252,665
  • Soccer: 227,100
  • Hockey: 80,700
  • Gymnastics: 75,000
  • Volleyball: 50,100
Source - OrthoInfo

        There are two basic categories of injuries that regularly occur to the soft tissues (muscles and ligaments) and bones:
  • Overuse injuries - A series of small injuries to an immature body can cause minor fractures, minimal muscle tears, or progressive bone deformities, This type of injury damages elbows of tennis players and baseball pitchers. Track and field, cyclists, and skaters experience foot, ankle, and knee damage from the constant bending of the knees.
  • Acute injuries - Acute injuries are caused by a sudden trauma. Common acute injuries among young athletes include contusions (bruises), sprains (a partial or complete tear of a ligament), strains (a partial or complete tear of a muscle or tendon), and fractures.  This type of injury is usually seen in contact sports.
        Prevention is the preferred way to confront health and injury issues. When an athlete first begins to experience problems, it is essential that a physician be consulted to perform prompt diagnoses and recommend a course of treatment that is essential in preventing an even more serious problem from developing.

        Many athletes are reluctant to take off time from training to participate in a profession rehabilitation plan.  Some athletes and even parents may elect to postpone surgery because the may not be able to complete that season.  This decision can have life altering consequences.
        All levels of skaters can experience physical injuries from participating in recreational and figure skating. Skater, parents, and coaches should become familiar with the following different health and injury topics.

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