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Preventing & Treating Injuries

Pain and Stiffness
      Athletes will naturally experience stiffness after strenuous exercising. However, the degree of aches and pains can be mitigated by performing cooling down exercises. The problem is that almost all recreational athletes to not cool down properly and relatively few school age athletes do so unless a team coach demands every athlete properly cool down prior to showering.

      Weight lifters do not push their limits at every training session. They generally alternate the types of exercise designed to extend their maximum limit of lifting more weight or to extend their endurance/stamina. This allows specific muscle groups to recover prior to participating to another session.  
      The use of a certified weight trainer is highly recommended to supervise the training.  This concept can be applied to other sport training programs.

Preventing Muscle Strains and Hyper Extension
      Every time an athlete strains or pulls a muscle or experiences a hyper extension, the treatment usually involves stopping their regular training and physical therapy.  If the training regime puts them at risk for such an injury, doesn't it seem logical to modify the training to reflect a total body fitness training?

      There are external forces would are exerting pressure to achieve results (winning) rather that have the athlete concentrate of acquiring a strong foundation of basic skills that include - balance, coordination (gross and fine muscle skills), combined balanced body strength and flexibility. In sports that require bilateral symmetry of skill development, allowing a dominate side to develop causes a weakness that opponents can take advantage of in competitions.

      Skating injuries commonly occur during intense skating practices. Skaters at all levels need to be aware of symptoms that may signal serious long term health problems is ignored.

      It is not good advice to "Tough it Out", "Suck it Up", "Skate through the Pain", etc. rather than immediately seek medical advice.

      Skaters commonly experience the following injuries:
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