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Presentation and Artistic
Program Requirements

      Some figure skating coaches stress the development of technical skills in younger skaters and do not stress the need to become a well rounded skater including artistic and interpretative attributes as part of theirprogram's presentation marks.

     Ultimately skaters who expect to rise to elite levels of figure skating must develop presentation and artistic abilities equal to their technical abilities. Skaters who lack a complete package of interpretive and artistic skills incorporated into their presentation abilities find it difficult to compete at the international levels -Worlds and Olympic Championships.

     The artistic and presentation skills of a skater are important judging considerations in both the United States Figure Skating (USFS) 6.0 and International Judging System (IJS) scoring systems which require a well balanced program in the short and long free skating programs.

The mission of U.S. Figure Skating is to provide programs to encourage
participation and achievement in the sport of figure skating.

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