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Planning Components of
a Training Session

The following elements need to be included in an athlete's daily training program:
  • Start with warming-up exercises
  • Review previously taught skills
  • Introduction of new skills
  • Provide feedback to skaters
Progression of lessons should allow for a gradual buildup of physical activity:
  • Easy to difficult
  • Slow to fast
  • Known to unknown
  • General to specific
  • Start to finish
Principles of Effective Training Sessions:
  • Keep all skaters focused — Athletes need to be active listeners.
  • Establish clear, concise goals — Athletes need to know exactly what is expected of them.
  • Give clear, concise instructions — Demonstration to illustrate oral instructions.
  • Record progress  — Chart athlete's weekly progress.
  • Give positive feedback — Emphasize and reward things the athlete is doing well.
  • Provide variety to prevent boredom.
  • Stress the fun aspect of learning — Training and competition is fun — keep it this way for you and your athletes
Learning is increased when information progresses from:
  • Known to unknown — adding new things to familiar concepts and skills.
  • Simple to complex — start with the basic skills the learner has mastered.
  • General to specific — take a generalized concept and separating it into its simplest parts.
Plan to maximum the use of existing resources.  Think creatively and find substitutes or otherwise improvise for equipment that you lack.

Allow for individual differences — Different athletes, different learning rates, different capacities.


The Process of Learning

Training Factors:

Physical and Mental Training Considerations


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Developing A Training Plan

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